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J parker J parker
Love this entire setup! Well worth the money!
I bought this for my husband for valentines day and he loves it! He got into melting aluminum and casting ant beds and it's so much better than his homemade foundry. The only cons is the crucible is already cracking and wearing down. I really thought it would last a lot longer. Other than that I have no complaints at all it came so quickly. Way before it was scheduled to arrive. Works great and very convenient for fields with no electricity since it's propane fed.
Tim ono Tim ono
Very well made, the instruction leave you to your imagination. but with a little playing they work great
Sares Kay Sares Kay
Works well
It does a good job, lots of heat build up inside, as it should. A place to get replacement insulation when needed. I see a little wear on the bottom. I have used it for gold, brass, aluminum, and lead. Works well...
David David
Received it quickly and and all was packaged very well nothing broken very easy to put together the only issue I had with it was the mold that came with it was nothing more than a toy not big enough to do anything with unless you are melting silver or gold but the the crucible would be way too big to be able to pour into the tiny mold
medicgary medicgary
it was just like it was showed i am having a little hard time with the gas tube but i can get it to work out
Donnie Donnie
Foundry Furnace
I've been using this almost every day for the last few weeks and it works like a charm. Good quality.
Rob Rob
I bought this to just melt down aluminum cans, but find myself using it for more. I did a coat of refractory cement, which just adds another layer of insulation. Everything was good quality, although the gloves didn't last very long, I'd pick up a pair of higher quality gloves with a fire rating.
Phillip Sand Hansel II Phillip Sand Hansel II
The forge melts aluminum quite well. The gloves are inadequate heat shields for the hands. The “ingot mold”, it too small for anything other than gold. I had to buy a realistic sized one independently. Both the firebrick and the crucible arrived cracked. Despite limitations, it is a low cost way to get in to melting metals.
Tim R. Tim R.
Good product
What i like is the furnace heats quickly. What i did not like was there was No set up instrctions it's best guess.
Zachary benedix Zachary benedix
Quality product and easy to use
My product is slightly different than the one pictured above. My gas regulator does not have a gauge, but the new one simplifies the use of adjusting the gas. My regulator just has a knob that will open and close and more you open it, the bigger the flame and hotter it gets. It was easy to adjust the gas and the air intake to the desired temperature. I had it running continuously for over an hour and melted 5 crucibles full of aluminum. The stainless steel did not discolor like the previous painted black versions. The hinge heated up and distorted slightly, while wearing my heavy gloves I was able to adjust the lid to align and close fully. I'm very pleased with this product and would definitely buy it again.

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