Stir plate does exactly what is says it will
My project budget is small, but I needed safe and effective equipment . I originally intended to get the 3-L stir plate which has a built in thermometer. However, this one does the trick! I do have a digital thermometer which attaches to easily to the support rod/stand. I especially like the separate control buttons for heat and stirring. Overall, I give it 4 stars. My only complaint: it temporarily stopped working - the power buttons didn't light up and the stirring rod remained motionless. But the heating unit worked (again, without the red button lighting up - potentially hazardous). It is possible that the equipment got jostled. Not knowing what to do, I set it aside. It works just fine now.
Bender Bender
2 L Yes
The stir function works great!
John A Garrison Jr John A Garrison Jr
A Sound Buy at a Reasonable Price
This instrument performs as advertised, and is dependable.
shalom wellong shalom wellong
Sh-2 Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate Dual Controls Heating Stirring Holder Laboratory
Kiran Kiran
Good unit
Great for many applications..use an infrared thermometer for best results in maintaining temps..feel takes getting used to..but great unit..good price
Sh-3 Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer Mixer Stirring 17x17cm 3000ml Dual Control
Ryan Crass Ryan Crass
Great magnetic stirrer
It heats up fast and can spin fast too. Variable speed and heat comes in handy.
A. J. Luna A. J. Luna
Great stirrer and hot plate for the price.
The stirrer plate and heater work well for the money. The stand is fine but useless if you actually know what to do with stands. There is no digital display of RPM or Temp, but for the price point I cant quibble.
Eric Eric
this device works effective and when you find your sweet spot it holds that temperature very well

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