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William Ruff William Ruff
Love it
The jack is lite weight easy to use. The only problem I had was the tube was blocked with a piece of packing foam. So you must blow the line out before you put it together.
Greens carts Greens carts
Works awesome on level surface
This jack has been an awesome addition to my garage. Makes quick work of up and downs on the golf carts I repair. So much easier than using a floor jack. My only gripes are that its kind of wide so it takes up a lot of space when trying to work on a vehicle around it, but you get around that by placing jack stands and removing the jack. The only other complaint is that if you are working on an uneven surface or the vehicle you re working on moves just a little, this thing can get stuck in the upright position with the weight of the vehicle on it.
Cliff & Margaret Cliff & Margaret
What took me so long to buy one.
Love it and may buy a second one.
Chuck B. Chuck B.
Solid product.
Works really well. I wish it would go a little higher but it gets the tires off the ground on my suburban. I have a gravel driveway and the solid base works great. Normal jacks would just sink in.
John S. John S.
Quick and reliable
I love this!!!!!!! Slides under my truck, crack the valve open and a few seconds later I'm setting the Jack stands. Stows easily out of the way when not in use (like a push broom in the corner.
jim jim
The price point for this tool was great yes you get what you pay for but a standard floor jack 60 pound heavier and this jack does a great job would buy it again
Builder84 Builder84
Big time and effort saver
This is so much easier and faster to do the job compared to my floorjack. It's lifts my 6k lb camper in about 5 seconds. Minor assembly required im anxious to try this on other projects.
Lee Brandt Lee Brandt
Great jack.
Easy to assemble. Works great. Well worth the money.
Tony H. Tony H.
Better than a traditional floor jack!
Much easier to use than a traditional floor jack. Easy to store and works very well. A little air and you are up and going. Well satisfied with product
David Weber David Weber
easy of use,
if you lift a car or truck axle off the ground make sure you block other axle from moving. because it will move

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