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Drew Drew
AC/DC Tig welder
Just learning how to weld and I think it has been very reliable. The panel and settings are easy to understand and change. So far I have used TIG (DC) and SMAW with no problems other than beginner mistakes.
Marshall philmon Marshall philmon
Awesome product
Super worth the money. Well built and works harder than most pricier ones in market.
Enrique Enrique
Vevor AC/DC TIG-200 Welding Machine - Impressive Performance with Room for Improvement
The Vevor AC/DC TIG-200 welding machine offers impressive performance when its parameters are correctly configured. However, the packaging leaves much to be desired, resulting in the machine sustaining damage during transit. Upon arrival, several components were found loose inside the box, causing dents and cracks. Interestingly, I have previously purchased more affordable welding machines from the same brand, and their packaging quality was significantly better, about 80% superior. One notable inconvenience is the included gas regulator, which is designed for oxygen instead of the inert gases commonly used in this type of welding. As a result, some adaptations are necessary to connect it to inert gas cylinders. Furthermore, the power connector is designed for 110V 15 amp outlets, while the machine's plate indicates an amperage of 21 amps. It would be more cost-effective to omit the power plug entirely and allocate those resources towards improving the packaging. The torch provided with the machine is of decent quality, but for prolonged use, it may be necessary to upgrade to a water-cooled torch. The manual accompanying the machine is lacking in detail and information. To compensate for this, I created a supplement containing the concepts of each parameter and their recommended values, which I am happy to share with others. It's worth mentioning that I reached out to Vevor's customer service to notify them of the issues encountered. I must commend their excellent support as they promptly addressed my concerns. They even offered a partial refund for the damages incurred by the machine. This level of customer care enhances my confidence and makes me feel comfortable purchasing their products. Vevor's post-sale service is truly one of the best in the industry. In conclusion, the Vevor AC/DC TIG-200 welding machine performs admirably when the parameters are set correctly. However, the subpar packaging, mismatched gas regulator, insufficient manual, and power connector discrepancy detract from its overall quality. Nevertheless, Vevor's exceptional customer service and willingness to rectify the situation demonstrate their commitment to customer satisfaction. With some improvements in these areas, the machine has the potential to become an outstanding choice for welding enthusiasts.
Dakota Dakota
Vevor Tig welder ac/dc
Works way better then anticipated, came with everything listed. argon regulator, on off switch on torch and a pedal, gas hose, consumables for torch, wp 26 torch, ground clamp and stinger, works amazing right out the box with a little adjusting of the settings
runlevel6 runlevel6
Decent machine for the price
First, I have to slam Vevor for their lumping this welder in with other makes getting actual reviews very difficult and the reviews look inflated. They should not lump entirely different products together, like they would "options" of the same product. You have to filter the reviews of this machine to actually get the feedback. As far as this machine goes... Pros: 1) You can actually get a real foot pedal and connect it to this machine for current control. The foot switch it comes with is just on / off. The aviation connector with 3 pins is there for foot pedals with current control. 2) It is a 250 amp machine...not just 200 like most in it's price range are limited to. 3) Dual voltage. Cons: 1) It only runs AC polarity in TIG can not run AC polarity on stick welding mode. 2) The foot switch, face shield, and flow meter it comes with are just silly... 3) No current control pedal Summary: What were they thinking? Get rid of the silly face shield, chipping hammer, foot switch, and flow meter...and they could have thrown in an actual foot pedal...thus enabling them to sell it in a whole new "pro" niche...
Mackey Mackey
Unbelievable quality at this price
Compare this to a $1000+ machine. The accessories are only enough to get someone started if they have this set and nothing else. The cost savings by including a cheap mask etc. is welcome by putting the expense into the machine itself.
Allen R. Allen R.
Great entry tig welder
I ran this tig welder ,w/ck torch 26. N good welder .I’m still practicing tig weld.
william s richards william s richards
great for the money!
For the money, this thing can't be beaten. I've only used it a couple of times and so far it has beaten my expectations. I use a miller dynasty at work, and while the mophorn isn't as refined it's perfect for what I need at home.
M. Tholen M. Tholen
Works great
I have owned this for a couple of months now. I have only used this for stick welding so far. I used to use an ac welder and this little dc welder runs circles over the other. I just got my argon and regulator. I will be trying tig soon.
Sonofdons Sonofdons
Great company
Great product and fast delivery

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