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Derek Overturf Derek Overturf
Definitely got my money W
Worked well for quite a long time. Then one of the lugs started to arc out where it connects to the motherboard and burnt hole in board. Put a lot of hours on it in an industrial type setting. Def got my money's worth
Comstock Comstock
Great starter
For the money it’s a great starter welder! Have tigged and stick welded have zero issues with it
Todd Barnett Todd Barnett
welds great tig
I am very surprised that the quality of welds that this little cheap welder produced!
janet janet
Price is great for the work you can do with this machine
pinenut57 pinenut57
Low cost great value
Instructions are lacking but once I got it figured out it works like a champ.
Dan F Dan F
Hercules in a box
The welder works great especially for the price. Although if you plan on using a foot pedal don't count on the one that comes with it. It is on/off only and seems very cheap. With that being said you can make it work just fine without a foot pedal since you can adjust upslope and downslope, along with pretty much every setting you can adjust on higher end units.
my87300zxt my87300zxt
Well made
I’ve had this for almost a year now. I don’t weld much but when I do it fires up and does what I ask. It’s under $200 so don’t expect too much. But I haven’t found anything I can’t weld up (for what I need) I’m glad I bought this to learn on and I can get really good welds out of it that look decent enough for a hobbyist. I let a pro use it and and he was really impressed with it. And the welds he got were better than mine (obviously) so I know the machine is capable of way more than what I can do. If you need light welding and something small and cheap I can’t recommend it enough.
Stephen Rolheiser Stephen Rolheiser
the head has 6 bolts you have to undo to take off the head and clean
This welder worked fine for me for a few months but then when I started burning 6010 rods off a generator for about an hour the overheat light came on and I haven't been able to run it since. I was past the one year mark so the seller wouldn't help me.
Jim Jim
great product
The machine worked fine for me. This machine is High Frequency start TIG. Don' know why people called it High Frequency, it should be called high voltage arc start because that's what it's; when you press the trigger, it generates high voltage pulses that could jump an air gap of about 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch so you don't need to touch the work piece to start an arc, which make it really easy to start the arc and maintain it. For $144, I don't really know how they make any profit with this machine, which comes with tons of accessories and the machine itself has tons of components in side.
Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
Works better than expected. Push butten on torch gas and arc start, no touch required. Upper knob is amps lower knob is gas delay. Tested on 120v. Both tig and stick work well for home hobby use.

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