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william s richards william s richards
great for the money!
For the money, this thing can't be beaten. I've only used it a couple of times and so far it has beaten my expectations. I use a miller dynasty at work, and while the mophorn isn't as refined it's perfect for what I need at home.
dscrib dscrib
Good inexpensive TIG machine
Being a DC unit it will not do aluminum.
Marcos del Aguila Marcos del Aguila
First dive into TIG
Knocked one star off on account of it came with no gas hose or tungsten. Had to hit my local welding supply before I could use it.Laid a few welds with it and it seems to work pretty well so far. I am new to tig so working on technique at the same time but I found it pretty easy to get rolling. As I understand it, each machine has it peculiarities and requires some adjustment time regardless of skill or experience level. Overall I think we’ll be friends.
Mitchell adams Mitchell adams
Great TIG!
Took a little to write a review wanted to be 100% acurate when it comes to welding under $200! Bought for the argon gas inlet as well as my projects; so amazing on tig. Cheapest welder I could find that came close was a harbor freight flux for about $175, not ideal for serious projects. Overall this 200AMP tig welder is. I love to use it makes great welds! Not a beginners but with some know how and a book or two anyone can use it. Don't know what the return policy is but when it's necessary, I will definitely be ordering a new one. Cant beat the price when it comes to quality. Mitchell adams
coolpainter2007 coolpainter2007
nice for small jobs
Works great
I had a Miller portable welder, but it got damaged by water. Then I purchased this one because I didn't want to spend so mucho money on something I rarely use. It felt as if I was using my Miller! Great performance and lightweight. I love the digital display. The only thing I didn't like is that the welding wires are too short. I had to place the welder on a ladder to be able to reach were I needed to weld (5 feet from the floor). I ended up having to use the cables from my broken Miller to get the job done a little safer and faster.
miklom-73 miklom-73
Very nice
I was not disapointed,worth the price, and useing it to learn would recomend
orestes o. orestes o.
Bueno equipo
Muy bueno aunque no lo he usado porque le faltan cosas
f22_strike f22_strike
Decent welder for the price.
Ordered this welder because I needed something for small aluminum welding and didn't want to spend mega bucks on something I was going to use occasionally. It's surprisingly a pretty good welder. Construction is good easy to use comes with everything you need to get started. Would recommend.
Michelle Fetzer Michelle Fetzer
Little welder with lots of spark
Perfect welder for the do-it-yourselfer. Excellent price, would recommend.

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