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Hank Stosick Hank Stosick
Great fit rig for low price
Works great for you welding aluminum
Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
Very nice
This welder was as discribed
Jeremy J. Jeremy J.
Great little welder
Very good welder especially for the money. Only thing negative is that it doesn’t pulse arc.
J Don J Don
Decent tig welder for the money.
This review is for the Tig 200A DC 110/220v. This welder does not come with a regulator. It comes with a WP-9 torch with a #4 cup and a 1/16 collet. It also came set up for 110v. I used it right out of the box to Tig weld new rockers and cab corners on my truck. During this process I welded 18 and 22 gauge sheet metal, as well as some 1/8 inch angle steel. It worked fine for all of it. The highest I set it was 50 amps with no problems on a dedicated 20a 120vac circuit.The torch operates with a trigger, which I actually liked a lot once I got used to it. The trigger was great when welding from odd positions under the truck and such. All in all I think this is a great way to get into Tig welding at home, especially when I consider my local adult Ed offers welding classes for $185. This welder and YouTube will get you going at your own pace and you own the welder. Keep in mind, you'll spend another $200-250 on consumables, some argon (with 80cf tank) and a regulator. I like it.
randall gendron randall gendron
good for mild tig
works fine rg
James Dix James Dix
Works amazingly!!
Great buy for the price, was a little worried about how it was gonna work but when I received it and tested it. It amazed me, works flawlessly. If your in the market and want to save some money this is the best bang for your buck!!!
Allen R. Allen R.
Great entry tig welder
I ran this tig welder ,w/ck torch 26. N good welder .I’m still practicing tig weld.
Jimp Jimp
seems to be as advertised
still making friends with it. i am rel new to tig but after watching couple videos onsetup the fun has started.
Dan H Dan H
Excellent but...
I bought the 200 amp model and it is outstanding. It works well and very light. The 'but' in the title is about connecting the argon tank to the welder. The welder has a barbed fitting which standard gauges do not. I had to buy gauges and cut the end with a fitting off and buy a hose to hose adapter to go between the 3/16 hose that came with the gauges and the 1/4 auto fuel line I had laying around. That fits the machine. The description says you get everything in the photos, the gauges are not there. I read the reviews and think they are for many welders because this is a DC output machine so aluminum is difficult if at all possible to weld. If you never tig welded I suggest that you watch some videos before you try to use it. You will need tungsten electrodes for tig and welding filler rod too. For the arc/stinger no argon or tungsten electrodes are used. I have only don tig so do not know about just arc but i am pre tty sure it will work well. It came with a standard 120 V US plug in the power cord.
Ross K. Ross K.
My new favorite welder.
I recently brought this welder over to a friends because he was dubious it was as good as I was describing it. We took a 50' extension cord out to the steel scrap pile, took out some smaller 7018 rods and started welding at 90A. After burning through several rods, and successfully joining several pieces of totally unprepared scrap we tried some tig brazing and it worked great too.My friend went inside and ordered a unit for himself.I used to recommend gas tanks when people asked me what to get for a first welding setup but now I recommend this unit.It welds automotive sheet metal beautifully with almost no clean up. If you spend even a little time prepping your welds this can give you great results. It comes with a 1/6 tungsten holder and tungsten which is good for sheet metal, but if you need to weld anything thicker, you will need to get a (quite inexpensive) set of larger collets and cups. The consumables for this unit are readily available and inexpensive.Of course this machine does not perform miracles, but if you can weld or are willing to learn this machine will hold up it's part.The machine is DC so it will not weld aluminum and it has HF starting so no scratching necessary.

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