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Stephanie Stephanie
Outstanding value
We have used this to move heavy equipment quite a bit. It’s been invaluable when a pallet jack has short arms and you need to go in longways. I put this on the other end of the pallet and we move with ease. Beats me standing on the pallet by whoever is pulling it to add my 105 extra pounds to get the other end off the ground. It’s the greatest thing and the price was great and super fast shipping even though I fully expected to wait over a month for it.
Great Tool
Purchased this to move heavy machine tools and safes, and it works great. The long bar gives plenty of leverage, the toe is strong enough not to bend but thin enough to slip into small openings, and the wheels make it easy to shift the load side to side for small adjustments. Wish I'd bought one of these years ago!
Ron Ratliff Ron Ratliff
Easy lifting
Worked perfectly for lifting my 1100 lbs gun safe. Could do it with one hand.
Darrell Lindsey Darrell Lindsey
1.5 m
It’s heavy duty!!!
This is built well. The rollers operate smooth and make light work of the items I had to move just wish there was a way to have the handle short at times.
Meyer Meyer
100X leverage to move stuff you shouldn't
Look, this is either a machine shop or rich guy tool as it is very specialized. BUT - if you need to lift a couple thousand pounds a couple mm/cm, this is the tool for you. Affordable, well welded, and fit for purpose to lift a mill 1/2" so you can put drill rods under it to move it to 36" over.Have not used it yet, but nonetheless it is a source of delight. Actually, not true - hoisted my car on a 4 post lift and lifted a corner effortlessly w this bar!
CraigB CraigB
This is one very heavy duty pry bar!
I have several heavy equipment in my garage that I need to move from time to time. I used to have a pallet jack and hoist, but since down-sizing and selling most of my machine-shop equipment no longer have them. I still needed to move two pieces of equipment that weight around 800 lbs. Using corner dollies and this pry bar, I am able to easily lift each side of the equipment and place the dollies under the corners without any help or problem. This is well worth the money!
Michael Michael
1.5 m
Better than expected. Workhorse. Love it! Better than expected. Workhorse. Love it! Better than expected. Workhorse. Love it! Better than expected. Workhorse. Love it! Better than expected. Workhorse. Love it!
Allen Mayberry Allen Mayberry
I acquired a Bridgeport mill at an auction from work and didn't know exactly how I was going to move it around the basement once I unloaded it. This thing moved the Bridgeport like it was a toy. I’d pick up one side, slide a piece of 3/8” aluminum dowel rod underneath, then lift the other side with this and push. Worked like a charm.
Jeremy K. Jeremy K.
1.5 m
Worked great for moving machine tools.
This thing is heavy duty. Used it to move a large lathe and a Bridgeport mill. I had one minor issue with shipping damage and the company was immediately responsive and resolved the concern quickly. As others have said, the motion is limited if you don't modify the back, but that is a safety issue so it's on you.
chuck lafore chuck lafore
1.5 m
Eorked really well.

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