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jim jim
good idea & made from thick steel. It is hard to assemble as there are no clear directions included.
A good gadget & made from thick steel. It is hard to assemble as there are no clear directions included. It works well & there are some safety features included. It could have had a solid mounting table instead of the 2 bars provided.
1moretime 1moretime
nice jack at a good price
I had a J&S Jack when I had my Harley Ultra and Trike. It was a beast and did a great job with those heavy bikes. But, I sold it when I sold the bikes a year ago. Now I have a Honda Africa Twin which weighs about half as much as those Harleys and I miss the J&S. But, thought I would take a chance on the Vevor and I am pleasantly surprised. It was pretty easy to assemble and the few times that I have used it I was happy with its performance. One really nice feature is the very slow release to drop the bike down. No panic like I had with the old jack. The only problem I had was the safety catch which was bent out of shape probably due to shipping. It took me a while, but gentle persuasion with my bench vise and some leverage tools worked. I had to fiddle with the little spring clip that holds it in place when lowering the bike, but that seems to be working now. All in all, a good purchase at a very fair price.
Mario Mario
Operations mananager
It's strong, and compact so it doesn't take up much room. However, the hydraulic jack is positioned in way that makes it difficult to install the foot pedal. Once you get pass that the lift table is easy to use the casters are a great way to keep the table secured. On a negative note, after 1 day of use it is leaking oil (didn't let me attach a picture), I’m hoping this is just a mistake on our end, perhaps didn’t tighten something up. I will be contacting customer service to get this resolved as soon as possible as we hope to use this long term.
Mark Mark
I purchased 1 1/2 years ago and…
I am Mark from Michigan!! I purchased this jack back in June 2022. Let me start out by saying I use my jack 20-30 times a week servicing bikes. Did I mention that I am “hard in equipment” also? This jack has had a rough life with me. I’ve dropped it, I’ve ran it over, I’ve forgot to shut my tailgate and the poor lil jack rolled out of the back of my truck when I was making a turn in a busy intersection. I dropped it in the river when on a mobil repair service call. It went tumbling uncontrollably down the the side if a steep hill when my rope broke during the haul back. Like I said I’m hard on equipment !!!!! It has survived all of my abuse and is in great working order It’s a “tough” lil guy. !! And super affordable I thought.
Sol Sol
Kiln builder
We use it for sanding Kiln sides, to keep from constant bending over and getting backaches. The higher you go the rockier it gets so we added some adjustable outriggers. But it preforms as it should, good product. I gave it 4 stars because of the flex as you go higher.
Big G Big G
very easy to assemble
It was delivered quickly and was easy to put together. Works and is good quality. Would buy again.
Neal Neal
Used for a minibike Stand
Good product works good for what I wanted it for tried to order another one and they were out of stock
Peter  D Peter D
This lift works perfectly, and very easily, I would highly recommend this lift to anyone, especially with a smaller bike
Steven Dague Steven Dague
Great lift jack
This lift jack was a gift; it arrived quicker than anticipated. Everything was intact and not damaged. It was a quick assembly for a guy that knows how to put things together. Lifted a 4 wheeler right away by simply stepping on the appropriate place and it lifted off the ground and held sturdy. There didn't seem to be any place on the jack to store the handle for moving the jack from place to place.
Pretty much same as the others
I've owned a few of these over the years, pretty much the same as the others, but a much better price. Needed a little assembly, done in under ten minutes. Would highly recommend for the price.

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