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Nick@SoCal Nick@SoCal
Great Price for a Good Product
As I have read in other posts the packaging is pretty rough looking. Looks like pretty tattered and old cardboard wrapped by PLENTY of clear packing tape. Once I got the box open I noted that several of the metal pieces had some of the paint worn or scraped off. I honestly thought it looked used and re-packaged. So the unit definitely doesn't get any points for being Pretty, but I'm okay with that as long as it Works. Package was missing pieces as well. The spring washers (2) were not present and my package had 2 extra locking pins......oops. The instructions to assemble are completely useless and the parts diagram not much help either. The picture on the cover of the instructions is what gave me the most help assembling. Having said all that I still gave this 4 stars because the price point is Excellent and it may not look shiny and pretty but it does what it is supposed to do..........lift my motorcycle safely off the ground.
Alejandro Llamas Alejandro Llamas
It easy to use and saves space
Alan Hadfield Alan Hadfield
Received lift Jan. 19 not like pictures sent one wrong pin need long one , no hardware to handle assembly, send me the long pin and handle parts and I won't return it .
Roger Funk Roger Funk
I like it
great value, I use it for working on my old bikes under 300lbs, extremely stable, with bike on it rolls around easilly. Great quality, foot pump works flawlessly and down pedal lowers very steady. I hope I can buy another soon.
genny genny
Back saver
Exactly what I needed and worked perfectly.
Diego r. Diego r.
Easy to het down
Very nice come already assembled, ready to used good rollers best price in market.
charles ford charles ford
Scissor Lift Jack Hoist
works great love it just what i needed

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