Sharp Shopper Sharp Shopper
Very Difficult to Assemble not a DIY project
The manual is not matching the product and it is very hard to assemble! Great price but I had to pay more to have someone assemble it.
Gary Gary
The bike arrived on time. I gave it 4 stars for ease of use after assembly. I found the instructions for assembly lacking in detail as well as the download photos. I was able to get as far as the wheels and derailleur before taking it to my bike shop for them to complete the assembly. They found it was missing some parts , necessary to complete assembly. This bike is for my small wife and the seat was too big for her, I replaced it with a smaller padded seat. She is very happy with her bike.
Great value product & customer support
My wife loved the design and features on this trike. The handy basket provided a fun ride for her dog. Unit was shipping on arrived on time. Customer support did a great job in resolving some shipping damages and missing fasteners. It is a great product for half the price (global manufacturing success).
Adult Tricycle 20'' 1-Speed 3 Wheel Yellow Trike Bike Shopping W/ Lock Bike
Audra Audra
I love it! Great product! Good company. I accidentally ordered three. They walked me through getting the two errors shipped back, and they refunded my account with no hassles! Definitely recommended to my Facebook friends! Definitely will order from Vevor again!
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
A great bike for the price.
Love the color. Use to exercise

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