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Clear filters
Purchased 1 month ago. The cost is lower than my last machine, and it makes ice at a faster rate. When I first turned it on, the air temperature was 107, normal for our area, it turned off, said High temp. I restarted, and it ran for maybe one week, never had any problem. It makes a lot of ice. In the middle of a day that was 117 degrees, again normal in our area, I turned it on, it read 15c, and turned off. Said High Heat. I re-started, it went down to 11c, turned off again. I started for the 3rd time, it ran, did not turn off, makes ice until you shut it down. The machine needs good ventilation in temperatures such as ours. If you start it in the morning, when temps are below 102, you will not have any problem. One trick I use if I start it in the middle of a hot day, is dump a sack of stored Ice into it, seems to lower the read out a bit. If you restart a couple of times, it will take off. The machine is insulated a bit better than our last ice maker, the ice lasts longer once we shut it off. We have an employee who likes the ice, he eats ice, says the cubes are easy to chew. Thanks, w
Richard Richard
Waited to use before reviewing. As reviewed before maybe 18 lbs storage at best listed as 39 maybe if using smaller ice. Ice cubes do not break up I get slabs of ice even on smaller settings. The scoops are useless. The filter is cheap at best. The one thing it does well is quick turnover of ice. If you can bag and store it’s a workhorse. I got this one hoping for close to 40 lbs of ice for boat but falls short. Go big!!
Customer Service Reply: dear friend, we are sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with our product, we will report your feedback to relevant department, we will try our best to provide high quality products to all our customers.
A mazon Cw5austomer A mazon Cw5austomer
Does what it says.
This ice maker is working great so far. Bin is smaller than it states but I knew that from other reviews. It is great not to have to go buy ice at a store.
Beau S. Beau S.
Ice for days
Saved me from buying bags of ice weekly.Great design, production is super quick.Simple to set up and easy to clean
Does and Bucks Cafe Does and Bucks Cafe
Nice Machine
We ordered this for the Does and Bucks Coffee and Cafe in Pie Town, NM and it has worked great. We have grown since opening and may need to upgrade to a bigger same brand machine. Great buy.
Mike Mike
Alot of bang for your buck’s
Unit arrived fast and non damaged. Make’s awesome ice. Install was not complicated. Now what could be improved. The operators manual is not all that great. Water connection is very cheap. Condensate pump failed after a week. Would recommend getting a better one. Luckily mine is installed in a pool room that water on the floor is not a problem. Failed pump would definitely make a mess indoors. Overall I am happy with this purchase. I would highly recommend getting a better filter. I installed a reverse osmosis filter and it helps to make high quality “gourmet “ ice. Crystal clear.
Ice Ice
Simply a great addition for a family. Very impressed with the quality and the versatility of this machine. Garage kept and thrived through North Carolinas humidity summers. Thanks again.
Mike Wells Mike Wells
This is an awesomeice machine!
Delivery was on time maybe a day early. This was the perfect size for our lake house where we are constantly buying ice. Easy to install and operation is simple. Wish I would have bought this years ago!
Gage Gage
Easy to set up and use. More drainage than expected but once the pump is installed that should no longer be an issue. Lots of ice production for our use of filling coolers. Not a fan of using the ice for drinks as it leaves a funny taste behind from the filter I believe. Great machine for the price.
adam t. adam t.
Excellent machine.
It came all set up. In good condition literally plug it in and go..very pleased..Adam temple

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