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SlipKnoT_3128_6sic6 SlipKnoT_3128_6sic6
Looks amazing.
Instructions are something to be desired. YouTube vevor and watch hour or so long video. Makes everything a whole lot easier. Using epson 5050ub, picture looks amazing compared to wall. Love the stress system vs springs. Need some strength to pull, feels like you are going to rip it apart like the hulk. But when you are done you'll be amazed. Simple tools needed such as Phillips, level, stud finder and a rubber mallet recommend . Used 2 screws and had them stick out half inch to hang this monster. Get this over any spring screen. Get a Mr clean magic eraser. Cleans the marks you'll randomly find easily with water.
Suzanne cronin Suzanne cronin
100 inch
Great value
Easy to assemble and a great value!
Frederick H. Frederick H.
100 inch
Excellent screen I highly recommend it
The screen framework went together perfect. All the holes lined up perfect for the screws. It is very sturdy yet light steel framework. The screen has a great picture for 2-D and 3-D viewing. For the cost it is worth it. I would recommend and I would by another in a heartbeat.
Not China-like.
Amazing product for the money.
Dean B. Dean B.
Great product
I highly recommend! Good price, good quality and great contact with a seller.5 stars
dogbyteonline dogbyteonline
100 inch
Great product with great results
with my current media room layout, my projection was that "in between" size of around 130"the other standard sizes were either 125 or 135 and i didn't want that much dead space, so this was really the first fixed frame that met my needs.assembly was not terribly difficult, do recommend looking at some videos to give you a visual(best advice is to start connections in the middle and move your way outwards, and that 4th side did need a good stretch to connect)completed assembly in maybe 2hr, while being carefulscreen picture is better than the fabric screen that i was using, sharper picture qualityoverall very happy with purchase and would recommend this product
Ted O Ted O
130 inch
Perfect for the cost.
This was the what fit in my budget and I am the envy of my friends and family. You will always have difficulty with light unless you are willing to take out a mortgage to pay for that level.
G. A. K. G. A. K.
Just What I needed (or) I"D GET IN LINE TO BUY AGAIN
I purchased the 130" 16:9 screen and I couldn't be happier. I recently upgraded to a 1080P projector and the painted wall I used for my prior projector didn't cut it. I also bought screen samples from another source and evaluated several surfaces and colors to use in my controlled light basement. Saw the Vevor in the hard to find 130" size at a reasonable price and decided to buy expecting due to size, pricing, no need to construct a frame Etc this should be an economical quick easy way out. Turns out the stretch white PVC fabric is a dead on match for my second choice from the sample pack. Instructions were better than adequate although I would suggest wearing vinyl gloves throughout and, after assembling the frame, mount it to wall then dismount, stretch fabric, remount to wall and enjoy. For me that was under 2 hours of easy work using extra hands only for final mounting.The very sturdy frame is an aluminum extrusion with channels for all the hardware. Mine came with extra stretch anchors so I installed the "spares" near the corners so if in the unlikely event one of the stretched to anchors should break replacements are right there for the sliding and re stretching. The combination of stretched fabric sheet, robust anchors and stress distribution rods results in a flat tensioned surface. The wall mount clips slide in a groove so final positioning on wall is a snap. The velveteen frame covering does a fine job absorbing overthrow and looks fine with the lights on or off. It is claimed to be water washable but I'm hoping just an occasional feather dusting is all I'll be doing for quite some time.The picture is excellent in all areas with the room darkened to theater lighting. Room lighting is supplied by ceiling mounted cans with adjustable eyeballs which I keep pointed away from the screen. Using moderate lighting the picture holds up remarkable well for a projection onto the neutral white screen but dropping the lights turns the picture from good-very good to awesome. Excellent color brightness and contrast. I have not tried this with short throw, 4k or 3d but would expect at least very good results.The theater room is 11 feet wide, 28 feet long and (white) acoustical ceiling height of 7 foot 8 inches. Wall to wall broadloom is gray in color as are the walls, which are painted with neutral gray eggshell paint. The 4 feet of ceiling closest to the screen has been painted with flat black to remove the distraction of abstract motion on the ceiling as well as reduce light backsplash. The (medium throw) projector is mounted 15 feet back from screen and seating is at 12 feet.To wrap up I couldn't be more pleased. I would not suggest this for use in a brightly lit area but there is an acceptable reduced quality picture seen under moderate indirect lighting so pitch black is not mandatory although desirable. Fit and finish seem top notch, as does choice of materials. I look forward to enjoying this excellent product for a very long time. Considering
Michael A Arredondo Michael A Arredondo
110 inch
Great product for the price
Very happy with this screen. Easily to build and great picture quality. Price was cheaper then other screens and very happy with the product.

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