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135 inch
Need to buy
Awesome product great quality will like to do a video review
J.A. J.A.
120 inch
Easy assembly, great picture
The screen arrived quickly and was well packaged. Although the included assembly instructions are basic, if you watch on-line videos for similar products you will quickly get the gist of it. Once we began the process it all went easily. A key suggestion, however, is to use a better tool than the little allen wrench provided. We used a screwdriver with an appropriately sized hex head bit for the frame bolts and that made the frame assembly much easier. A power screwdriver will work also as long as you don't overdo it. After assembling the frame, we found that rolling out and stretching the screen fabric was much easier than we thought it might be. We started by attaching the screen to a few of the tensioning nuts at one corner, then went to the opposite corner, and worked our way like that around the frame. When done the screen was taut. The hardest part of assembly is adding the center stabilizer bar after the screen is stretched. Go in diagonally as the instructions indicate, but even then it's tough. We carefully used a small tap hammer to move the bar into position.To hang the screen you will need to measure, mark, drill into the wall and insert the mounting screws (and anchors, if needed) that are provided. Do this carefully so that the screen will be level when hung. You want the screw heads to stick out no more than about a half inch from the wall. Other reviewers have noted that it's difficult to align the mounting screws on the bottom. As long as your top screws are very securely fastened in the wall you may not need to use the bottom mounts; we did not. Please note, however, that ours is a 92" screen; larger screens may carry enough extra weight that you should also use the bottom mounts. In any case, if you can locate and screw the top mounting screws into wall studs rather than use drywall or other anchors, that would be ideal.Once your screws are in place you will most likely need two people to hang the screen: one on a step stool to reach behind the screen and place the mounting bracket attached to the top frame of the screen over the mounting screw in the wall, the other to hold the screen from below while that is being done. After you attach the first bracket, move to the other side and attach the other top mounting bracket in the same way. The brackets are designed to move horizontally so that the screen can be adjusted from left to right if needed after it is hung, but this is what makes it necessary for one person to "hand place" the brackets over the screws.If any of this sounds difficult, it really is not. The whole process took us less than a couple hours, and that's mostly because at our age we needed to take a few breaks. Anyone with some basic tools (screwdrivers, a tape measure, a drill and a level) with basic home maintenance skills should be capable of putting this together and hanging it without much difficulty.The screen looks great on the wall, and it provides a terrific image. We are using a 1080p projector that we
John John
130 inch
Fit and finish was very high quality
Ok, so the directions were a little better than IKEA. However, it wasn't complicated to put together at all. The packaging was fantastic. Hanging it on the wall wasn't the easiest, but neither is a large picture or mirror that you want level from multiple hooks. The overall look is very professional in my opinion.
David Richards David Richards
135 inch
The border looks very textured and I believe it can take a long time.
The effect of the screen to see the projection is still very good, the design and texture of the frame are very good, the quality is very good, I believe that the future will not worry about for a long time.
Marybeth Jones Marybeth Jones
135 inch
The effect of watching movies is very good, and it is very good with my projector.
Before using the projector to watch movies are on the wall, but there are some patterns on the wall of my house, which greatly affects the effect of watching movies. I bought this projection screen to solve my problem perfectly. The size is also very good. The effect of watching movies is very good.
Elizabeth Rambo Elizabeth Rambo
100 inch
This screen was very easy to put together. It said to have two people for parts of it, but I put it together and hung it by myself. I love it.
Dung Hoang le Dung Hoang le
155 inch
Ez to set up I like this thanks you
Use this for home theater projects
Daniel Ramirez Jr Daniel Ramirez Jr
The Value is great for the price
I like the screen or all can't say nothing bad
adam lawhorn adam lawhorn
155 inch
Very well made
Love the screen, love the border, the only thing that really sucked about this was putting it together by myself and that was mainly because of how big it is.
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
135 inch
Great Value
Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I had put off for years purchasing a commercial projection screen opting instead for a $30 piece of blackout cloth which actually did look pretty good. Just couldn't see paying hundreds if not thousands of dollars for my self made spare bedroom turned mancave; a wonderful Valentines gift from my wife. But, an upgrade to seating necessitated a change to the room orientation. When I figured that I could go even bigger and saw a YouTube of this screen being put together, noting the design advantages it has, I took the leap and ordered the 130" diagonal screen. While I realize my room is not textbook ideal, everyone who experiences it is impressed and I'm very happy with it. I have a Sony VPL HW 40ES, a 1080p projector. As you can see from the video clips from YouTube, I have a hard time to justify trading up to a 4k laser protector at this point, but one day I will. It was not hard to put together at all but watching the YouTube video multiple times really helped.

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