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Allen Allen
British fittings
Fittings were neither SAE or Metric. Never heard of British fittings before. Cost me an additional $250.
James James
great product
tractor loader
medammit medammit
For a simple hydraulic setup not much more.
Nothing wrong with the valve or it's function.It does NOT have the "power beyond" ability. If your set up has 3 lines going to the pump/tank you may lose function elsewhere on the tractor.I found out the hard way, don't be like me.
Anthony Anthony
No directions
Good controller for the money. Nothing is labeled so it’s trial and error. Works fine though. On mine the feed is the lower side input, return is opposite side, and they work top/bottom… not side by side on my loader hope this helps the next guy.
Erica Jackson Erica Jackson
It works!!
Great product!!
John John
John deere fittings don't work.
Replace the hydraulic spool valve on a woods, the woods JIC to a john deere fitting, made 4 new hydraulic lines , JIC to pipe thread. Would be a little nicer if the spool was marked or had some kind of print with the damn thing.
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Great value
Great value and functionality
Matthew P. Matthew P.
Worked as expected
Worked as expected. Could come will some kind of paper work and instructions would be nice.
Brayden Kottke Brayden Kottke
No instructions, or diagram, arrived in a different configuration not all whats pictured
Works how it's suppose to in saying that I'm guessing someone used this switched all the ports and returned it...after a good day troubleshooting and I figured it out minus the loss of 3 gallons of hydraulic fluid....
Beverly Brinker Beverly Brinker
Works great
Husband got this for his mf loader and it works just fine.

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