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Samuel Travis Bowles Samuel Travis Bowles
This Laundry Cart is Wonderful!
I love it. I put it together in just about 10 minutes. It is sturdy and helps me get stacks of clothing, towels, sheets, etc. to and from the laundry room. It is so easy to push or pull around the house. It has locking wheels if you need to stabilize it. I wish I’d ordered it long ago.
Nullism Nullism
Every laundry room needs this
I am the guilty one of doing laundry and leaving it in the dryer for days. I have improved on that after getting this and actually look forward to ha info all my clothes and folding what I need to. It makes it easy to move your clothes around the house too if you have a large family or just have a long walk between the laundry room and closet/dresser. I also use it to hang dry clothes instead of using my bathroom shower curtain rod. Great additive to any house!
Rebekah L Thompson Rebekah L Thompson
Wonderful Helper!
I really like the rack to hang clothes on because I have several items that I have to hang to dry. The basket is big enough to hold a lot. It was easy to assemble. I not only use it for laundry, I use it for moving groceries and other items from my car into the house. I love my laundry butler.
CJ Alford CJ Alford
Very sturdy - and great wheels!
Love the casters that come with this one - they're big enough to not get caught on stuff, even out in the yard hanging up laundry. They swivel without catching, and roll easily. The basket is sturdy and deeper than most and holds a full large load of clothes at a time, and at a handy height that won't hurt your back. Sturdy enough that you can pull it around using the top part and it doesn't bend, it just follows. It's great.
Samuel Appleby Samuel Appleby
Useful in the house for so many things
We purchased this so that taking clothing to and from the basement washroom on the elevator would be easier, and there'd be a place to hang shirts and things. It does that very well! We also use it when unloading the car into the building, putting the bags in the basket and then taking it up on the elevator. We're very pleased with this one.
Ginyesruggio Ginyesruggio
I am disabled and can't carry things. This makes everything so much easier. Wish I would have gotten it sooner
christopher t. zuech christopher t. zuech
Just like going to the laundry mat!
I bought this because I cannot carry a laundry basket. It’s so nice, holds a lot of clothes, and with the overhead bar to hang stuff right out of the dryer it’s wonderful.
Bradley Skindelien Bradley Skindelien
A great Buy
I liked that it has room for the baskets of folded clothing and hanging section. But especially the ability to push it instead of carrying baskets and hanged clothing. So much easier.
Lou Lago Lou Lago
It’s awesome
This thing is the best thing I’ve ever bought for laundry!!! It’s so handy! It is a little hard to go around tight corners I may have dinged my walls a few times, or rolled over my own toes! But.. the fact I can fold hang and wheel things all around and pick new stuff up! It’s a game changer
Steven E. Steven E.
Wish I had room for one
Great laundry aid! Bought for my daughter. She loves it, uses it every laundry day. Can be used to gather dirty clothes, load them in washer, dryer and then take them to fold. Hanger bar holds many shirts, and helps keep wrinkle free.

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