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Zakary Zakary
Love my cart! May get another one too!
I absolutely love this cart. Saves my back, and helps me get laundry done easier. I have 4 kids so I am always doing laundry. The basket is big enough to hold the entire load, and I can hang the clothes as I go. The hangers stay in place and do not slide off. My children have tried to take this over as a play car, but I nipped that quick as this has been a life saver!
Tim/Natasha Griggs Tim/Natasha Griggs
Worth it
A little tedious on the assembly, but the end result is worth it. I live in a building with a laundry room in the basement and this heavy duty cart makes transporting laundry so much easier. I use the bottom rack to place the detergent, fabric softener, and dryer sheets. As long as you assemble it perfectly, I can see it lasting a long time. A great purchase. Would highly recommend.
Michael Domingue Michael Domingue
Great quality!
This is a very sturdy laundry cart. I was impressed with the quality. The bin size is more than sufficient for several laundry loads. The hanging bar is easy to grab onto to move the cart. Very easy assembly. Put together in 10 minutes by myself.
David Moriarty-Schieven David Moriarty-Schieven
Best thing ever
Best thing I’ve ever bought. After spinal surgery and not able to bend. This is perfect height to washer and dryer so switching clothes is so easy. No bending or carrying. With every penny
richatd fisher richatd fisher
Absolutely love this!
I have been trying to get this basket for month but it was always sold out and I totally see why as this is a fantastic laundry basket! It is made of wonderful quality metal, it’s very sturdy, and is a nice sized laundry cart. It’s is bigger than others I was also looking at, which I’m glad I got this one specifically because it was bigger. The size is perfect as it will hold a few loads at one time. I love that it has the shelf at the bottom as I am able to put my detergent, dryer sheets, or anything else I may want to store on it. The wheels roll smoothly and turn easily. I have been able to roll this around on not only tile but it easily rolls on my carpet too. The top hanging arm is perfect as well. It has a good distance from the basket so I am able to hang longer items without them being in the way of the basket. I highly recommend this laundry basket and I’m so glad it came back in stock! It was totally worth the wait!
juan moreno juan moreno
Great for the laundry room
I have a family of 5 with three dogs, I do a lot of laundry. I have two sets of washer and dryers and this cart is great for collecting dry clothes so that I can get the next loads going. I found that I don’t use the hanging bar at all because the clothes get in the way of loading and unloading the clothes into the basket area.
Daniel Hardy Daniel Hardy
Best investment I’ve made!
Worth the money! I live in an apartment and so I need to carry my laundry to the laundry room. It was a tedious job. But now, going to and from the laundry room is a breeze! And with the hanging rod, I can hang-up my clothes as I pull them out of the dryer. So convenient! All the laundry products fit perfectly on the shelf below the basket; there is no more shuffling the laundry products in trying to carry them. Now, the only thing I need to do is simply roll the cart!
Angie Deck Angie Deck
An excellent quality product that has made my life easier!
Love, love, love this laundry basket cart. I am 67 years old and I have stage 3 COPD. I bought this cart to ease my use of my front loading washer and dryer and to avoid having to carry large baskets of laundry from room to room. It is the perfect height for my machines, which are on pedestals. I don’t have to bend over any more! Assembly instructions were clear and easy to follow, and I put the cart together without assistance. The quality of the item is exceptional and sturdy. The wheels provide easy maneuverability. I am so happy that I chose this item, it is worth every penny!
Megan Conlin Megan Conlin
Great laundry room addition
Went together fairly easily, except for the top, it was a little work to get that part together. The top has little 'bumps' on either end to keep your hangers from slipping off. It's nice and sturdy, has large wheels with locks on 2 of them. The basket on top is larger than your average carrying laundry basket and It sits at the perfect height for front-loading machines on pedestals. As a point of reference, there is not enough clearance between the shelf and the bottom of the basket to put a gallon bottle of bleach upright. Overall I love this and would recommend it without hesitation.
Bob the reviewer Bob the reviewer
Highly recommended!
I love this laundry cart! It’s a full size, just like they have in laundromats. It’s exactly what I wanted for my laundry area. Easy to install, easy to roll around the house, fits through my doorways. This cart motivates me to get all the laundry hung up and folded nicely immediately after the laundry comes out of the dryer.

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