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Steven Steven
I am so happy I chose this laundry cart even though it had no reviews! It is perfect. Super easy to assemble. I needed my own screwdriver for only 4 of the little screws provided. Otherwise, all tools provided. It is very sturdy construction, the wheels glide beautifully, the basket is big enough for one very large load of laundry, plenty of room to hang shirts, pants, etc. and it fits through doorways with plenty of room to spare. I am shockingly impressed. The other carts were more expensive and too had too many complaints.
Stephen A. Arlaud Stephen A. Arlaud
For Home Laundry
This completed my laundry room; makes my laundry day easy as I don’t have to drag my laundry bag all over the house; I just put everything in the basket; hangers and roll to the laundry room! Once all my wash has been completed; hung and folded then I just have to roll the cart to put it all away.
Mick Rapid City Mick Rapid City
You need to get yourself one of these! Total game changer. I didn't realize how much it simplified moving laundry from my front loading washing machine to my dryer.
noshine95 noshine95
Love this thing!
While it’s not quite as sturdy as the one at the laundromat… this thing way better made than the price leads on…. I expected the consumer version to be much less sturdy but this little thing is made pretty well. Was easy to assemble and had really changed my laundry process. Must have if your laundry is on the same floor as your bedrooms!
Chad C. Chad C.
Laundry cart
My sister love it because she doesn't have the strength to carry baskets from the washer to the dryer.
bigo bigo
Love my cart.
I am getting older and can not carry large loads of washing to the laundry room any more. This cart is a god send. It holds the large loads and I can fold and hang clothes right out of the basket. I use it for all my laundry loads not just the large ones Beware of the assembly though. I ended up using nylon ties to hold the bottom on but it works just fine.
Ming Chen Ming Chen
Love it
Was a little hesitant to purchase but now that I have one .. I love it .. basket holds enough for one good size load of laundry
Soudure JM Chantal Soudure JM Chantal
Love it.
This is just what I was looking for. So much easier than carrying laundry baskets.
Steve wilhoite Steve wilhoite
Good product
It’s perfect for my laundry area when it comes to size. Seems to be pretty sturdy. Overall I’m very happy with it.
chopperjim chopperjim
No bending to load and unload front loading machines!
Absolutely LOVE this cart! I’ve used it to transport tote bags full of household products during a move from the house to the car and from the car into the new house. I’ve used it to bring in bags of groceries and other items to wheel around to storage locations inside the house. I also use it to transport laundry from opposite corners of the house to the laundry room and back. With front loading washer/dryer on pedestals, I don’t need to bend over to load and unload. After several months it has held up well. This is one of my best purchases ever!

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