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This worked really well, BUT!
This worked really well drilling through the side of a concrete storm sewer. BUT! I had to buy a $240 hammer drill. This will not work in standard 3 tooth chuck of the hammer drill I already had.
Pamela S Cooper Pamela S Cooper
It worked
Was really skeptical of this due to price. I was able to core 2 holes full depth 14 inches in a poured solid concrete and block wall. Went slow with variable speed wet angle grinder with lots of water. Bit looks fine and ready for some more.
Regular Joe Regular Joe
"" Worked Extremely Well ""
While pouring a new garage floor, I decided to stub in for a future washer and dryer rather than keeping it in the basement. Bought the 2 1/2" core drill to safely run 2'' pipe through an 8' basement wall. I had my doubts, but thought I'd by this set. I used a 1/2 inch Skill, hammer drill and it was a chore, but very doable. Saved me a $100 from the local tool rental.The center drill is pretty much worthless, too much flop to get a good starting cut. I drilled a 2 1/2'' hole in a scrap masonite and used it as a guide to get each hole started.Pro's..... It will get the job done.Cons...... You can skip the gym that day.... It's a workout. LOL
The Baum Mom The Baum Mom
Works as advertised
Drilled 3 holes in standard patio. Worked as expected. The drill bit was useless. Made a would jig to align boring tool instead of using the drill bit.
Brian Thomsen Brian Thomsen
Did the job
Worked great, only drilled one hole so far but it worked great
Chad Lincoln Chad Lincoln
Gets the Job Done
As others have mentioned, the pilot is pretty useless and failed shortly into my core. However, this bit got through my 8” solid concrete foundation wall (took about 30 minutes). Not sure if it would be good for any future work as it slowed down towards the end, but it paid for itself on the one use.
Tunaoue Tunaoue
Heavy Cylindrical Boring
Had to bore a breather hole for tankless water heater through 8” of solid concrete. Drilling horizontally about eye-level, this is a heavy boring tool, difficult to handle, so I built a wood fixture to help target and hold the weight. I think the bit can be used wet or dry, in my case dry cutting was my only option. Lot of DUST, so wear a breather mask and eye protection. I wore ear plugs too because it was an enclosed shed. The task took a week, about 20-25 hours of actual powering (slowly) through about an inch per day. If the drill angle is a tiny bit off, the whole thing BINDS UP and stalls the drill. I could stand and push the drill with my back leg braced agains the rear wall for maybe 10 minutes at a time before I succumbed to the fatigue. Rest for 5 - 10 minutes, and resume the attack. You’ll need patience and persistence because (in my case) it was literally a long, . . . hard, . . . grind.If your project is straight down into a concrete floor, your results will probably be more efficient.
G. T. Bauer G. T. Bauer
I bought this with the intention of drilling a single hole through a hollow concrete block for a dryer vent. For that purpose, it worked like a charm. I was able to get through the front half off the block before burning out my cheap 20 year old drill. Another better drill finished the back hole.I saw one review that said the drill bit was too short. That was not true for me.I cannot speak to the longevity of the bit, but for the single hole I needed, this was a great value.
Make life rasy
We were boring through concrete. This bit make it easy and effortless!
Customer Customer
Works great. Use a wood template. Duh.

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