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Mitch Mitch
Bullet proof
This motor is almost bullet proof. Very capable of more volts and amps if you know what you're doing and manage the heat. Controller is also very well built. My only issue is the torque is almost too much. I bought a different throttle and changed gearing. Nothing wrong with the throttle, through, as it's now on one of my kids bikes.
chris chris
Good motor
Pretty good motor. The first one lasted a day. You have to put a belt tensioner on the slack side of chain to make it run right. VW or sent brand new motor no charge
Doesn't matter Doesn't matter
I have ordered 2 of these for my Razor MX dirt bike builds!
I love this kit! its perfect for the razor e bikes! on the stock chain and sprockets you can hit 30mph as a 250lb adult and over 40 with a 15t front sprocket!
Works great on my electric scooter just wish it wa Works great on my electric scooter just wish it wa
No instructions
Wires not in English
Sam Sam
Works fine for now
Everything working as it should. Will keep review updated. 4 stars because it took 2 weeks to deliver
Tyler Washington Tyler Washington
280lbs 32mph
I love this kit you can put it on virtually any frame.
Justin Reynolds Justin Reynolds
It will deliver the power your expe⁵⁶
Dennis Sisco Dennis Sisco
Be sure to purchase necessary extras
The motor was great along with the control module and throttle. I was not told when I ordered it that I would have to purchase individual items independently. If you want a brake light a key or a speed control you have to purchase them separately, I was unaware of this.
Jeffrey Jeffrey
Depending on where u put the motor. If ur sprocket are facing your right side then you are good. But if your sprocket is on your left side. Then you switch some wire around. The big yellow wire and the big blue wire needs to be switch so itll be yellow on blue and blue on yellow now you must switch the wire from your sensor plug meaning the plug with small wire with red,black,yellow,blue and green. Switch the yellow and the green so yellow be with the green wire and green wire with the yellow. And thats how you reverse the motor
Kevin Kevin
Things to look out for
Motor and controller work great. The motor is fast but does not have alot of torque. Make sure to gear it down super hard. THE COLOR WIRES DO NOT MATCH. Thankfully they get the power cables right. But you will need to try all combinations with your motor phase wires and your hall sensor wires, 36 combinations. Also the controller will overheat if you leave it in an enclosed box. It needs a little airflow. You do all these things right it’s BADASS, super efficient and fun. Also check everything because I don’t think you can buy spares you have to buy the kit again. Have fun

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