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david holm david holm
Holysh*t batman
I put this on a razor ecosmart metro half to 2/3 throttle i was doing 30 if not more...only issue is some wires has to be flipped around which i found reading the wheelies
Soacey Soacey
Wiring is labeled : )
I got the product early and all wiring was labeled.RK
Doug Meagher Doug Meagher
Easy to wire up controller and motor combo DM
I had no issues wiring up this kit with the pieces that came in the box. I used four 12v SLA batteries and a junction box for all the connections. The plugs on the speed controller are nicely labeled so you know what you're plugging into. I'd suggest keeping a multimeter handy to test anyway. Can't wait to finish this build and let it rip. -D.M.
Strong motor
Ken K Ken K
Item is exactly as pictured
Bought this product for converting a moped to electric propulsion. The kit arrived packed in a box with fitted styrofoam material to prevent damage. Everything in the picture for the product was included and was exactly as pictured. Unfortunately I haven't finished my project as of early June 2020
Eric Gonzalez Eric Gonzalez
Worth buying
Great electric motor
shannon payne (mr) shannon payne (mr)
Kit works awesome on razor electric dirtbike
Encephalo Encephalo
Minimal adaptations to put on a Razor MX500
Fairly easy project to put this on a Razor MX500. It hits around 30 miles an hour with my 10 year old driving. Only gripe is that there does not seem to be a slow speed. Slowly twist the throttle, and about half-way, the motor suddenly engages and jerks fairly hard. The throttle allows 15 mph to 30 mph. Going less that 15 and my son needs to rev the throttle in bits. He is good at it and we are very happy with the conversion, but a nice, easy gradual throttle would be nice. If anyone has a fix for this issue, please let me know.
Benjamin Hanemann Benjamin Hanemann
Good product
Great value for the money, very strong motor overall very nice product. I wish they would include instructions for the controller.
Dalzell Venable Dalzell Venable
1800 W
got two of these kits
I got two of these kits and outside of the sprocket you connect the other end of the chain to all you need is a battery and some imagination. I got everything they said and in great shape really surprised what all you get for the money!

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