Jon MUllinix Jon MUllinix
working great
I bought it for my daughter in Texas , she has told me that it is very sturdy , she loves the steps. and is very happy with the wash tub
Mark MacCartney Mark MacCartney
Pet bath
Great value Very pleased with purchase
Delwyn Whyburn Delwyn Whyburn
Hydrolic lift dog bath
We have just brought the hydrolic lift dog bath, and have noticed it seems to sway a bit, is this normal as it is on level ground..
JoAnne Emery JoAnne Emery
Great product!!
Very well built. Fairly easy to assemble, provided the instructions were minimal.
Christopher Morgan Christopher Morgan
Good Product
I would rate this product an 8.5 out of 10. The unit came unassembled. Easy enough to assemble if you are handy. Quality is Very good. Durable, and well designed. we are an animal shelter and use the tub a lot. Welds on the base and tub are well done and clean, no burs or dangerous edges Pro's- easy to assemble, easy to use, very durable, convenient all in one design Con's- comes unassembled, very large packaging, The drain is not the best, (we replaced it with an aftermarket product) Steps up to tub are a bit flimsy for very large dogs,
Pamela Anderson Pamela Anderson
Our faucet leaks can't seem to get ahold of anyone to fix the problem .
Buz Wojtek Buz Wojtek
Tub is pretty well made but the enclosed hardware is not very serviceable. I would have rather you leave the hardware off as it all had to be replaced.
Linda Michalski Linda Michalski
sprayer handle
The sprayer handle is small and not overly sturdy.
annie monseur annie monseur
Worth the purchase. But...
I love the size of the tub. Insert for small dogs looks crappy in one entire corner like it was ground down. Instructions were not clear. Back wall assembly had water proof stripping on the top instead of where it should have been at the bottom. Also the drain pipe that it came with was impossible to assemble without water leaking. Other than that bang for my buck
Rainer Mohns Rainer Mohns
Nice dog bathing station
Excellent value. Good construction and relatively simple to assemble. Instructions could use a tweak.

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