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Chelsi Chelsi
Left 50 inch
Absolutely love it,has made life so much easier in my home! Only thing that I didn't care for is drain! But was thankful it came woth it!
Slava Slava
Right 50 inch
Easy for installation
The original drain didn’t fit, so, I had to go to Home Depot for new stuff. Pretty easy for installation
Vinnie Lamica Vinnie Lamica
Right 50 inch
Excellent quality!
This is a great product! We added Eva foam to steps and base. The dogs were a bit apprehensive at first but after the foam they went right up.
Brian Richards Brian Richards
Right 62 inch
Sprayer is hard to use with soapy hands but not a game changer this product is very good quality and makes bathing a lot easier on the bathers back and knees. .
Brandon Wires Brandon Wires
Left 62 inch
Great option for large grooming tub
I gave it 5 stars because for what I paid for it, it is great and worth it. I would buy again at the price I paid for it. However, there are a couple things about it you must know. The drain plumbing is trash, I think I kept the bucket strainer. I doubt it would pass any code. Basically just throw drain plumbing away and go to your local hardware store. It’s just a sink bucket and trap. Second thing you need to know is the bracing for the legs, it ties the legs together. It passes underneath the drain hole and so with normal hardware store plumbing really limits the positioning of your drain T at the wall. Luckily for me, I was able to shim drain pipe up and make it work. I would recommend figuring out exactly how high your drain comes out of P trap and make your T at wall precise height needed. Other than that I’d say better supply fixture plumbing instructions would be nice but those fixtures seem fine and the sprayer is powerful and works really well. A competent plumber or DIYer can figure it out.If the manufacturer is reading this, move that brace or retool the drain hole towards back until a P trap can clear brace. 4 or 5 inches would be fine. Dogs won’t care and so long as drain lines point towards hole, it’ll look fine. Also, people are going to have major plumbing issues with drain hardware supplied, you might even end up sued. Just don’t include it. We have plumbing codes.
James James
Right 34 inch
Get product
They tub and sprayer and faucet are all very well made. The bad parts they give you no instructions but it’s easy to figure out they stainless is coated in plastic cling wrap that is hard/impossible to get off and the drain line away is nothing but cheap plastic. But for the tub sprayer and faucet it’s great and well worth the price.
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Right 50 inch
Please Check Sizing
Originally bought the small one because the size indicated my dog would be okay but when we received it it was smaller than expected. Bought the larger one and have been very happy. Perfect size for my dog.
McElmo McElmo
Right 34 inch
Washes dogs
Not sure about the comments about low quality fixtures. Everything I received was high quality and durable. The sprayer it self is all metal and if the pressure is too high for your dog try turning the faucet down. So much comfortable to give the dogs a bath without having to bend over a tub. I consider myself a pretty handy person and this took me some time to figure out how to put together and assemble. There are zero instructions just a poorly photocopied picture that is hard to impossible to see details. Vevor should consider getting someone to do assembly videos on you-tube.
Shannon Teis Shannon Teis
Right 62 inch
VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!! Look elsewhere, fellow groomers!
I purchased this tub at the end of August for my grooming business. First and foremost, the tub came damaged and with missing pieces. We had to purchased the hoses as it did not come with the tub. Upon unboxing amd assembly, we noticed that the tub was scratched so deep that it went through the film it was covered in. My husband is a welder and noticed how horribly welded it is. It has "arc" marks from careless welding, tacks instead of full welds, just a poor and lazy job. I contacted customer support after the tub was fully assembled through email and Vevor didn't even have the common courtesy to respond. About a week in, this thing is starting to RUST. Stainless steel isn't supposed to rust. So I am now over a month in and the whole faucet started leaking. A slow leak turned into a huge leak. Now I am replacing the faucet the night before a full schedule of dogs. Replacement faucets are nor easily found as it is wall mounted. I am just so upset that I spent the amount of money I did for a product that came damaged, is rusting, and is continually giving me issues with absolutely NO HELP from Vevor! Groomers.... spend a little more money and get a nice tub from a better company!!!
Customer Service Reply: Dear customer,
Thank you for sharing this feedback with us.

We are very sorry to hear that you weren’t happy with your product.
We can see that you are already in contact with our Support Team, and we hope we’ll be able to find a satisfactory solution for you.

Have a great day,
Carrie Carrie
Left 63 inch
Very easy to assemble and great quality very sturdy. Fast shipping

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