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Tim Tim
Arrived on time. Needed to tighten up a couple nuts and bolts but otherwise it worked great. It heats well and uses fuel reasonably.
Dmccoy Dmccoy
Works Great
The heater worked great in my shop and use less fuel than propane. This is the 2nd one I bought and installed in my 12 x 16 cabin. They are easy to install and comes with every thing but a battery.
Steve Steve
Good little heater
This heater performs surprisingly well. I would have given it five stars except for a couple of things. The housing and some of the connections are fairly flimsy and cheap. My housing and one of the bases arrived bent and I had to straighten them back out. The other issue is a strong diesel exhaust smell when I first start it. It blows directly out of the heat pipe for about 5 minutes. I had to cut a 3-inch exhaust port to blow that outside for about 5 minutes, then I switch it back to blowing inside. I've watched some videos online and may be able to fix it, but I'm going to wait until I have to service it to see if I can get rid of the smell. Once it is up and running, it puts out 210-215 degree air directly at the air exhaust when running on high. It drops down to around 160 when running on low. It is very fuel efficient, especially on low setting. Overall, I would recommend it with the caution not to expect it to be perfect. There are a lot of good videos online about how to set get up and use it. Watch them if you want things to go smoothly. The instruction manual is okay, but not nearly as good as videos from people who have actually put their hands on it and used it.
Dustin Dustin
Good so far
I wish I would have spent a few more dollars and got one with the newer control unit. The manual does not talk about this style of control unit and how to prime for the first time use or how to use the control unit. It’s not to hard to figure out though. With this unit I just turned it on and tan it through the first cycle til it gave me an error code for no fuel, turned it off and ran it again and it self primed the second attempt and ran good. I haven’t got it out to field test it but ran it off of my dual battery setup in my garage on a 25 degree day.During normal heating with the thermostat set to 85 degrees or so it was running at about three watts. Cool down it jumped to around 400 plus watts for 10 minutes or so till it cooled down. I forgot to check on start up but it didn’t seem to pull that much during initial start up.
Jeffrey Reitnauer Jeffrey Reitnauer
Connected to deep cycle battery. Started it twice to get fuel through line. Has worked without issue. Using regular diesel and this puts out great heat! Can use my shed in the winter finally!
Dmccoy Dmccoy
Great Heater
I needed a heater for my shop. I watch You tube Video so I thought i would give it a try took less than an hour to install. My shop is a 25 x 40 the heater maintains at 24 c and uses only 1/2 tank. Irun this on red diesel with no issue and yes I would recommend it. As seen in picture I'm not using the tank I connected a brake line to bigger tank to reduce filling.
Kraftwerks Kraftwerks
This thing does everyrhing its supposed to dor for 1/3 the price of name brand heaters of the same size
libless libless
VEVOR 8KW Diesel Heater
Love it! I purchased this heater for my 12'X30' shop and it will take the shop from 10 degrees Celsius to 22 degrees Celsius in one hour on heat level 4 when it's 15 degrees Fahrenheit outside while burning very little fuel, impressive! I've been running it every day for two months with no issues, works great!
Frankie Frankie
Great buy just still figuring it out. I travel for work so I got to fire it up twice before I left. It did as I was still reading on it. I'm excited to get home to run it some more. I will update when possible.
Jason yantis Jason yantis
Diesel heater
For the price I can't complain. I have had some issues with the heater. There is alot of fixes on the internet because of all the issues.

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