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Christena Adams Christena Adams
Very easy to assemble
I have a frame that i hung this from its very sturdy heavy material my grandchildren love it and wanted to sleep in it all night
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
We call it the tree house ??
I was able to hang this in my yoga room on my Omni Gym stand! Perfect fit! My daughter loves it. She is 9 years old. It’s a relaxing spot for her to read or relax.
nicole nicole
Son loves this
Incredible little tent, great for kids!
theresa mathews theresa mathews
Grandsons love it!
It took about half hour to assemble. My 12 year old grandson who is about 95 lbs is inside the tree tent. We hung it on a tree branch.
Kody Kody
Great gift for kids
Loved it. Perfect gift for my 8yo daughter
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Cool tent for the Kiddos
My 11 year old grandson assembled the tent and did a fine job. He and his 5 YO brother fit well into it, but though it may hold an adult weight-wise, I could not fold myself up enough comfortably. We hung in the greenhouse for the winter so they can continue to enjoy. I would not leave it outside in inclement weather and the carabiners clips make it easy to clip on and off your supports.
Amanda Amanda
Used to paint and repair cars
My 4 year old loves it! It’s well made, comfortable, and the perfect size! The lights are such a fun added touch ! Would recommend
B. Stanton B. Stanton
Perfect for children on the spectrum - or any child for that matter.
My grandchildren love it: a tent swing, fort, club house, or quiet space. I’m very pleased with it.
Lainers Lainers
Lots of fun!
My kids 9, 7, & 3 all love this. They mostly like to run and then jump into it, making it swing. It seems pretty darn sturdy. The lights inside are a very fun touch. It does alright in the rain even, you just need to drain the bottom part of it. I wish they'd sit inside it to hang out more like I intended as there's plenty of room for two tots in there, but they seem mostly interested in swinging around in it and that's fine too. We've had it three months now with no problems.
Cesily Lauer Cesily Lauer
My kids adore this hanging tent! I use it for my sensory child as his safe place to calm himself it’s perfect! And holds both my kids and their friends! Great hefty material. Not to mention how cute the lights are, I’m amazed how long just three AA batteries have lasted the countless time my kids leave them on.

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