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Alycia Windingland Alycia Windingland
Best purchase I've ever made.
Best purchase I've ever made, this tent is everything I have been looking for. Perfect for all seasons, durable.
Steve Olsen Steve Olsen
Careful with the stove pipe.
Good tent. Lots of space. Easy set-up. My only issue is that the stovejack silicone insert melted while using a wood burning stove. Also there is a plastic knob that holds a flap out of the way, it melted. Be careful when setting this tent up with a wood burning stove. Check the wind to make sure embers don't blow back onto the cotton tent.
Onyx Onyx
Kewl guy
This tent is great, honestly if you want to live with mother earth instead of against her this is the way to go.
Beth Beth
Easy enough to set up
We set up our tent on a 20���X20��� platform off the ground in an off grid location in the mountains of Oklahoma. We love it! We managed to get a queen size bed inside and all our gear. It has been cold and raining but we bout a little stove that is keeping it nice and toasty inside. The bed being elevated allows for storage underneath and there is plenty of room for us to move around in the other half of the tent. We purchased the 13 ft tent. It is a bit tough for me to go in and out of the tent at 6���2��� the door flap is only about 4.5 ft so that���s tough. When it rains it has leaked but not much and we have readjusted the tent twice since getting it up. It is a permanent structure for us up in the mountains. The leaking may stop when I have the tent stretched and tight. We will see but no real complaints. I would but again but would probably want the larger size.
Candice Candice
Ideal for almost anywhere
Love it! Great for 2-3 smaller children or one larger. My child is 11 and loves to sit in this and read or watch a movie. Lights are a cute addition. Would recommend. Good quality in the hardware and the pod itself
Laurie Graham Keller Laurie Graham Keller
Your kiddos will love their tree tent!!
LOVE LOVE LOVE our tree tent!!
Raymond Raymond
Safe and wear-resistant
moves into the pumproom during the winter, then out on a tree limb for the summer.rl
Misti Misti
My 50 pound son played in it for 5 mins after we put it up and the zipper completly ripped out!! I'm not sure how it could hold 400 pounds?? I do not trust it with more than him in it! Its a great idea but its not all that.
joanne brown joanne brown
Enough Distance
my grandson is autistic/and he loved everything about it....very very happy with this product
E. Burton E. Burton
The kids love it.
My kids love this thing, it's fantastic. However, we used higher quality hardware than what was provided on the advice of an arborist.

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