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Allison becker Allison becker
Great seller Great product
This seller is extremely helpful. I bought this tent for a friend. He basically lives in it. He says it is great and even keeps him warm on cold Colorado nights.
bar k bar k
Great Yurt Style Tent
Moved to the Mojave Desert in Joshua Tree and my wife was sold on getting a tent for guests coming out to visit. We went with the yurt style and glad we did. Well constructed and quality materials make for a great and fun experience. Heavy duty zippered canvas bags for all components, easy set-up (after1st time of course), well ventilated, holds up in the wind, and the light colored fabric keep it light inside. The rounded shape make it roomier as well. Would recommend for camping, glamping or whatever you come up with
Wyoming Camper Wyoming Camper
Very good tent
The tent description is close, but like every other tent I have owned you actually have to try it out to truly see. It is a roomy tent I think 3 to 4 people (minimal gear) could fit comfortably on thin air mattresses. For couples it means separate mattresses because of the center pole, 2 people on one side of the pole is just too tight and uncomfortable. If on cots, I imagine 3 people MAX with minimal other gear could work. If actually using as a winter tent with a stove, it would be 2 people at most with gear. It is roomy and well vented; it was warm out when I tried it and inside the tent it was not hot when the sun was on it with only the windows unzipped and floor still attached. It is a well thought out design and constructed out of sturdy materials that seem up to the task. Definitely the best tent I have ever owned and I would bet it will last for many years with reasonable usage.
Gene Gene
Great easy to set up. But the fireproof material is not fire proof. You'll need to use insulated pipes, not to burn your tent down.
Stephen R. Boisso Stephen R. Boisso
Too short of overhang?
Could use year long. With a stove pipe location on the right of the entrance, the canvas does get soaked after a bit of rain and does a good job other than it not having a good enough overhang and water causes mud to splash onto the sides.
cody wieberdink cody wieberdink
Hunt camp
Easy set up but chimney hole is to low so had to add a new one for fireplace
Pixie Pixie
Love this gigantic bell tent!
This tent is amazing and gigantic! It's actually pretty easy to set up after the first time of figuring it out. It's extremely helpful when posting the center pole to have one person on the inside to guide it up and another person at the end of it to basically run it in and up. I like all the windows and being able to unzip the entire bottom and pull up the sides. The zippers weren't my favorite but I can see that they made them the way they did so they weren't deteriorate. It's easier to zip if you're inside the tent as opposed to outside.Also, the chimney hole was pretty tight for the size they said so we really struggled getting the pipe through, but it's probably better than it being too big.It's so much nicer than a nylon tent, it does lessen the noise quite a bit from the outside. We've had nights in a nylon tent where the wind was blowing so hard the top of the tent was at our noses but this canvas tent doesn't even move. You can barely hear the wind.We haven't been able to use our wood burning stove yet due to fire restrictions set early but we did use a small buddy heater in the tent and it definitely heated up quickly and kept the heat for quite a while. We have the 20ft tent and sleep 6 plus our dog and could probably play soccer in there as well. It's huge. We love this tent and hope to have it forever.
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Bathtub floor keeps you dry even when water runs underneath fabric completely waterproof
Heavy-duty fabric. Circumference is about 50 feet around. 4 in tall bathtub floor keeps out flood water. Floor is removable if you don't want to have to clean off your shoes before entering. Tent has a stove Jack on the sidewall. Bell tents of this size are generally rated to withstand 55 mile per hour wind provided you anchor them well. Love the heavy duty insect screen on the doors. Can be set up by one person in 15 minutes 8 if you know what you're doing. After going through heavy rain for 2 days inside of tent was bone dry and no condensation at all on walls.
VolksWagen VolksWagen
Great tent for a large family!
We use this tent for a family of nine. It was great! Easy to put up, spacious with all of us and three dogs. We love this thing. We use it when we go to our hunting land and have a grand time! The down side is it's quite heavy, but otherwise, great.
Amy Amy
love it
Love this tent. Easy to setup. Instruction say to line up door with the bottom and zip together and it was already done.

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