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Ken Ken
Overall pretty good, I like the portability and price. I would buy again if I needed another one. I think the 100 character narrative is a bit silly though before I can submit.
wolf wolf
Well worth it if you know how to use it
My house persistently has roots, so I've been paying $300 for a plumber to clear them once a year, and having to deal with their scheduling, or renting a heavy drum machine for $100 a day and lugging it down the stairs. This machine obviously won't last as long as a Ridgid, but if I can get a few uses out of it, it will pay for itself, plus the convenience of doing it on my own schedule. It does the job of knocking out light roots and wipes just fine. If I can keep up with the roots, I can put off replacing the clay pipe for $10k. So keep on top of the preventative maintenance and use root killer regularly. Just be careful to disengage the auto feed when the couplers pass through.
gwool52 gwool52
open it up
first time user and after about 4 hours working with my Son we were able to open the clog and sewage drain now running as expected
Works great on old 60+ year old home with cast iron pipes, does a good job, newbie on what tips to use for the situation, basically better instructions.
Craig Craig
Exceeded my expectations. Works just like a ridged k50 only cheaper. So cheap if it only lasts a year I’ll buy another one. In fact I’m buying another one any way. Paid for itself one day nothing but profit after day one.
Was skeptical about this small drain cleaner, but it sure did the job, 1-2-3. Simple setup, and easy to use. I spent quite a bit of time with my old hand operated cleaner, and could not clear a bathroom clog. The VEVOR cleaner did the trick in just 5 minutes. Great value for the price.
Kristen victoria leissler Kristen victoria leissler
Good machine but
It’s a good machine especially the 500 W, but please remember to use a GFCI as to sometimes the Murray motors are prone to burning out
Tom Tom
Good for the price
It's worth buying. Electric motor has good power (500 W). The main body appears to be well made of cast iron, although care must be taken not to drop it. The jaws hold the cable very well. The first cable section feels very weak or seems useless. Rest of the cables set is Ok and looks similar to other generic Chinese ones. The cage has a three sections of 5/8 cable of 5 meters long each one The cutter set is good and well made. I have more than 15 years as a plumber and recommend it for all kinds of drain cleaning jobs, except not to use with roots or pipes or tubes with roots ( these cables are not intended for this purpose).
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Great product
Great product! Much better that I expected. Excited expectations. I buy it again
Jimmie Jimmie
Love it
Nice heavy sturdy, The kind of stuff you like in a item like this. Really does the job.

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