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Long Xu Long Xu
Good value
Only tried once, so far I like it.
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Great product
Great product! Much better that I expected. Excited expectations. I buy it again
antonio salinas antonio salinas
Antonio Salinas
Salinas !!Great machine for the price , easy to use once you get familiar with it , works as it should for home owners really please with it on my side .
GJ Vail GJ Vail
So Good
I've only used it once but was able to clear my sewer line fairly easily. This product is worth the price, it would have cost me the same if I called a rotor service. If your hands on and don't mind a challenge and are trying to save some money and are a home owner I will recommend this product. The only down side is the instructions, but you can YouTube it and find your answers.
bob1274 bob1274
Just a home owner of a very old house.
When I moved into my house my dad and I were inspecting the plumbing to remodel the kitchen. We found the main pipe and he pulled it completely off the wall at the joints. He's pretty rough on things but not even this was his fault. So now we have to jack the floor up to replace the main kitchen drain. In the meantime we rerouted the plumbing to the main floor drain. I know what you're thinking and yes it does get clogged because it's not suppose to handle that. But it didn't pose a seriously problem until recently and all the plumbers we called just complained at me how it wasn't to code and that they could not do anything about it.My first drain auger I tried was not this one and it was a complete bear to use. I am not a weakling but even I was wrung out after main handling it and trying to not have my fingers ripped off by the rotating cable and drum. But it did work. It later rusted out completely and seized up because of the extremely low quality cable and designed so that leads me to the Mophorn unit.This is a complete knockoff of the Rigid K50 which is excellent because that is a great unit. I'm sure it is far far superior in build quality but the Mophorn unit was the average chinese fit and finish and function. Fast and lazy with low attention to detail but with a price tag to match!!! The function is far superior the drum unit. The cable was much better and easier to clean. It took 1/4 the time and 1/4 the effort clear my floor drain. Making the sharp bends was far easier with this unit. I'm sure if you're a pro plumber you can complain on this unit all you want for not lasting but as a home gamer trying to save some money you really can't go wrong. I also don't see this unit not lasting even under pro conditions. You do need to get the Rigid Drain Cleaning Mitt to be safe with the unit but they are not expensive. You could easily charge your friends $50 to clear drains and pay for the unit quickly if you wanted to.
mhp tampa delta,llc mhp tampa delta,llc
nice for the price
easy to use for the job
John Elite John Elite
As Described
The machine was as described.Works as intended.No issue here.
MarkieMark67 MarkieMark67
Not bad
Great product but the packaging for shipping was extremely poor. Cable housing was damaged.
Edward Byas Edward Byas
I recommend this product to the next fellow. Thank you.
The product was easy to assemble, also very handy and useable. It makes plumbing jobs a simple task. I don't need assistance now. I can complete jobs unassisted now. It makes cleaning plumbing pipes a joy to clean them now. No procrastinating now.
Joseph Joseph
Good product
Much better than hand held machines. Took care of tree roots in drain.

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