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Mario Mario
Amazing your tools. Prices I loved. I will continue to buy your products. i will recommended to my coworkers and family members for sure.
Don Hud Don Hud
Great purchase
The tool did everything it was supposed to do. It is much lighter than a traditional jack hammer but was able to destroy my basement concrete floor so that I could put in a new drain. The tool is well built and should hold up.
Marco Marco
Amazed with the results
Found this demolition hammer as I was looking for something that will help me break out some concrete in the back yard. Initially I was skeptic that this will do the job and to my surprise it actually came through in everything. I was able to demolish all the concrete, which in some parts was about 24 inches thick. This was my first time using a demolition hammer and it is easy to handle and use. Really like how easy is to change the chisel. Great product!
Damien Damien
This is very easy to use and does a great job. It made my work very quick and easy. I broke up my concrete pad in one afternoon. First I used the pointed big to create the cracks and then I used the three inch bit to get out all the chunks of concrete.
bill bill
This hammer worked great. Did a great job for me. Price was great. I'm buying another tool from them today. I couldn't be more pleased.
Albert Albert
Happy Purchaser
A large, thick concrete slab was lifted up by water-laden soil beneath, partially blocking my garage door. A sledge hammer did very little to reduce it. Rather than hiring a contractor or renting a jack hammer, at greater cost, I took a chance on the Vevor 3500 watt model. I appreciate the instructions, safety accessories and nice storage case. The hammer is heavy but easily controllable with the adjustable grip and it smashed through the concrete in an hour, so the door now opens easily. What an impressive piece of equipment! It definitely rates 5 stars.
Chris Marchi Chris Marchi
Small Real Estate Developer
Bought the 3,600 watt version to break up a concrete walkway while digging out a driveway by hand in Hull, MA …two kids in college will drive you to extremes… but I’m 57 and needed to get in shape anyway… anyway, the undisturbed earth was too tough to break up with manual shovels (my 24 and 21 year old sons came to help at the start of the project, and we made very little progress). I had purchased the demo hammer which came with the point, chisel, spade and flat bits, so I started using the spade bit to cut out chunks of earth. So I ended up using the spade bit to cut out and loosen up chunks of soil. This made the work easy, and little by little I was able to excavate the driveway. The tool worked wonderfully. The point, chisel and flat bits all broke through the concrete admirably- not sure which one worked best, but the flat bit was definitely helpful in cutting out uniform square chunks. And the spade but was fantastic at cutting through the loamy topsoil as well as the rocky clay soil in the ground about 18” beneath it. (I dug down as much as 3 feet or so in this project… As for the tool itself: It’s somewhat hefty, so be prepared to lug it! I’m 6’1” and in decent enough shape to still do physical labor, so it wasn’t an issue for me. But if you are elderly or if slight build, you will want to note that it is a heavy tool… Set up for the machine was easy, although I couldn’t find a ton of literature about the type of oil to put in the machine. (I’m not sure where to find #46 oil, or whatever they recommended, …but I did find reviews and info that mentioned 15W 40 oil… but even that was only available in a gallon size… so I used 10W40, seems fine. In case you don’t figure it out right away, the little oil fill level sight window on the side of the tool is where you add oil. The 3/4” or so nut holds the sight glass down and I think there’s a little gasket there too… anyway, over time, the oil got a cloudy milky appearance. I thought perhaps some water had got in, so I changed the oil…but I have since concluded that it was an air emulsion and haven’t really worried about it. As some other reviewers have mentioned, the handle in the middle of the tool is comprised of a 4” bolt spanning two side metal arms that attach to a collar that encircles the middle of the tool… this bolt holds the handle together with a nut at one end. And the nut DOES work itself loose quickly and requires attention frequently. Tightening it down with a wrench is definitely recommended… but it will work loose again over time. Overall, this Vevor electric demolition jackhammer saved the entire project!! And DON’T LET THE LOW COST FOOL YOU! This tool for the money is A BEAST (I paid $169) You can trust Vevor and they are extremely responsive too (had also bought the 6” tamper bit for tue demo hammer, but was going to return as it just wouldn’t have worked for a project this size. …end
jim jim
business owner
The jack hammer was awesome. It performed much better than I expected. The weight and performance exceeded the previous jack hammer that I rented. The rent for more than two days was more than the new Vevor jack hammer. Now I have a wepon for those tough jobs.
hoertensia hoertensia
VEVOR-martillo de demolición, martillo eléctrico de 2200W,
muy buen servicio envió muy rápido aunque no lo e probado espero que funcione bien para futuras comprars

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