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Great product
Easy to use,was delivered very fast i needed another demo hammer for a bigger job two that we had was not enough ordered this one and was surprisingly pleased by it's power and performance .tumb up !! It doesn't need to be expensive to be good
Marty Marty
Great tool and attachments for the price. The only negative is the weight . Expect a workout using it.
r r
Fantastic Jackhammer, works very well!
I used this to tear out several sections of concrete, dig up some compacted & frozen clay in the middle of winter, and many other tasks. It works FANTASTIC and shows no signs of slowing down 10/10 would absolutely recommend to purchase again!
Tool User
Neede4d a tool to remove a concrete garage floor. This electric jack hammer did the job with ease. I had some reservations about the effectiveness of an electric hammer, but it proved me wrong. This tool is a little heavy and can become cumbersome if used for several hours without a break, but overall it worked very well.
Lawrence Lawrence
Amazing. I should have purchase one along time ago.
Amazing. I should have purchase one along time ago. this will help me dig holes in the back yard and make trenches. Also do a small concrete job and will help break up the slab. way cheaper then renting, and I will always have this tool till it breaks. :)
Alan Carvalho Alan Carvalho
Good machine Very well built I sure enjoyed using it today Made my job a lot easier I recommend this Looks high quality to me And works great
LoBall1 LoBall1
overall a decent jackhammer. The swivel handle could use a bit of modifications so the handle doesn't wear out from the bolt. Other than that it has handled every thing I've thrown at it. Unfortunately I had to purchase a case for it from another vender. Perhaps offering a case for this model, as an option in the future. My apologies no photos as of yet.
John John
Product is great for the price. Wonderful! I recommend it. It worked better than I expected. I cracked concrete and removed tree roots with ease.
Jeff Jeff
Great price
Sean F. Sean F.
Wow. Strong and dependable
I've already got probably 4 hours of hard use on this thing and it keeps going. Through concrete, brick, and hard granite rock. The instructions are junk, but as others say, don't forget to fill it up with oil. I've had no problems with it, even after I left it in the rain. I eventually chipped a point, but that's normal, and it was easy to sharpen on a grinder. One of my better tool purchases.

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