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Hammer Jack Hammer Jack
Hard ground digger
This tool allows me to dig up stumps, roots and the hardest ground! A regular shovel can't do this! It even penetrates hard ground full of gravel and rocks - WOW! Great deal! Watch some of the videos on YouTube and you will see how ell it works and for a great price!
Elizabeth Elizabeth
Very good tool I was able to break up some concrete and it worked well for us. We would recommend this product to others. I love that we don't have to rent one anymore.
Lester Caldwell Lester Caldwell
Damaged Case
Right out of opening the box I noticed that one of the latches was cracked and the bottom near the wheels could not close properly. I could tell it was mishandled in shipping. Not taking care of my package is not a good start.
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William Hunt SR William Hunt SR
This looked to be of great quality and the price was very fair. Now that I’ve used this item I’m so glad that I purchased. If you need one this is overall a great buy.
Marc D Marc D
SAT Realtor
Best purchase I have made this year! The mini-jackhammer works as intended. I only wish I would have purchased the one that comes with the storage case. Excellent buy!
jasvir jasvir
good quality tool according to the price i thought it's gonna be like chines product but it was great
i like vevor product quality it great according to the price, now i always search product before i go on amazon
Works Like a Charm
I am very happy with this tool. It removed about 100 square feet of Travertine floor tile and did it with ease. It is very durable, easy to use, and for the price, it's a win win.
Mike Mike
Quick ship to ALASKA. Thank you. Price to Quality ratio through the RooF! Plug and play right out of the box. This hammer is the right call for for the home owner or business who needs this type of tool on occasion. The instruction booklet is not very useful, but if you need a demo hammer, you already know what you need to know TO OPERATE THIS SAFELY. VERY SATISFIED WITH THIS DEMO HAMMER!
Vrol Vrol
good tool but handle will break
The cheap plastic handle broke within the first 30 minutes of use. I threw together a new handle out of a piece of wood, some scrap metal, duct tape and wire. The new handle I made was instantly far stronger than the one it comes with, but looks terrible. Other than that, this tool was invaluable for digging through solid limestone to install a freezeproof water pump below frost line. I also used it to remove a section of concrete sidewalk and it was great for that. Most recently I had to drive rebar vertically into the ground and I put the jackhammer on it without a bit, and it worked like magic. All in all, it's a useful tool and the price is great, but you should absolutely expect the handle to break.
Amanda Hass Amanda Hass
Home owner
The Vevor jack hammer is great and has made the impossible possible. I am very happy with it. The price made NOT renting very attractive.

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