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Benjamin Benjamin
Business Owner
For the price this thing is outstanding!!!! We have abused it and it is quality made. We took down a solid concrete wall with this puppy n no time, I will be buying a lot more from VEVOR.
ShoreCan Handyman ShoreCan Handyman
Excellent Value
I added the hydraulic oil and hammered away. I easily broke up a piece of concrete that was eight inches thick, 15 inches wide and 24 inches tall. I used the chisel tip as the pointed tip would get stuck in the concrete, user error. Love this demolition hammer
GeneV GeneV
great value for the price
Can't beat this tool for a 100 bux! I had an old flagpole concrete foundation I needed to chisel down deep enough so I could grass over it. Thanks to Vevor's demo hammer, got that done pretty quickly, the tool functioned well, no problems at all. Good buy!
wisrick wisrick
Great value
I bought this to dig through hard pan (hard packed clay) and it handled it with no problems. It cost less than a 4 hour rental at a local rental shop so I figured it was worth a try. I am not disappointed, it works great and I can take my time using it instead of trying to get everything done in those 4 hours. The only reason I gave the "Easy to use" feature a 4 star is because the instructions stink, there was no mention of adding oil. Had I not read another review that stated it must be filled with hydraulic oil, I would have ran it dry.
DIYBuilder DIYBuilder
Works Good
This jack hammer works better than most of the box opening videos on youtube. I am really pleased with the performance.
Gerald Gerald
A real bargain
I have to be honest. I didn't expect this product to be all that great, but I only needed it for one job. What a surprise it was! Well made, easy to use, and.... above all, a real performer. It did everything I need it to do and then some. I don't know how this would hold up in a commercial, day after day environment. But for around the house and when only needed now and then, I can't recommend it highly enough. And the price? Forget it, you're not going to find it anywhere at a lower price.
Ian Ian
Great for what I needed it for
I had to demolish a large stone and concrete wall. I had no prior experience with a jackhammer. To rent a similar piece of equipment for 2 days was going to cost me the same amount as it cost to purchase this one. This machine went right through the concrete very easily and I was able to complete the project on my own time. Beware this machine is heavy, at around 50lbs. I had to take frequent breaks to rest my arms and shoulders. You must be in fairly decent shape to use this for a long time. I exercise and weight-lift almost every day and this machine was a serious workout. I was sore the next day.
David Traver David Traver
Electric Jackhammer
This piece of equipment was a life saver while digging holes for pole barn. Ran it off my generator and it works great!! We have hard rocky soil in southern MO and it chewed through it like butter.
Tye Tye
great tool
Great tool to have the price is not bad very easy to use plus with the things you can buy with it you can use it for more then breaking up concrete.
Ken Gould Ken Gould
I broke up a concrete drive way 4" thick. I did the job well. I was very pleased. Power cord was thin so I replaced it with beaver wire.

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