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John John
Heavy duty
It is just as described. Well built and heavy. It works very well. Needed to dig out cement footings and rock hard clay. It chewed through like it was sand.
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Great buy
Worked great and made the nasty job much easier
Steve W. Steve W.
Worth every damn penny
I do commercial plumbing, so you know this thing is getting abused. I swear every time I use it is just like the very first time. Literally, I have used this well over 100 times and it runs like day one every time. I do obsess over cleaning up properly, not many are but I promise you it is worth every damn penny.
tc tc
Very Pleased with the price and overall performance.It got the job done . it did save me somr hard work breaking up ths hard ass concrete that i had to remove .thanks for that
Dennis Dennis
I don’t regret this purchase at all. Great price it tore the concrete up with no problem. It sure was better than renting a jackhammer. The only bad was hydraulic oil was not supplied, it only required about 4 ounces , i’d rather have done without the glasses, and the gloves.. The hydraulic 64 oil only came in 2 gallon containers at the store. My project is finished, and now I have a jackhammer if I ever needed again..thanks great purchase. Also was shipped and received in a great And timely manner.
JamesC JamesC
Amazing jack hammer! Removed a 2 car garage floor with this and it's still rockin'! Great unit! When digging in hard ground, the shovel attachment is a life saver. No more swing a pick.
davkeefer davkeefer
Great Price, Surprising Quality
Got tired of manually tamping dirt for wifes honey do list, but knew a I wouldn't get a ROI in purchasing a jump n jack tamper. Saw this little beast and thought with the addition of the tamping bit it may just work. I saw it as a no brainer considering the price. After receiving the jack hammer, it didn't take long to validate this purchase. With the tamping bit, this hammer easily compacts dirt below grade, which keeps me from having to dig in order to set bricks for wifes flower beds. I now just paint out the spot, start tamping in one spot 3" to 4" below grade, move down the line, drop a level every few feet and make adjustments. Add crushed gravel followed with even tamps to level and drop those damn bricks. Easy!
Bill Bill
landscaper and gardener
I purchased the electric jack hammer with six chisel bits. I have used it on three different days so far and it has surpassed my expectations. It breaks 3-inch concrete easily and makes digging holes through hard clay soil to plant trees a breeze. I'm 76 years old and the only reason I gave 4 stars to "ease of use" is because for me it is a bit heavy, but I handled it fine.
Dom Dom
General Contractor
There is a saying "you get what you pay for". I thought I would be in for that reception. I was wrong. The demolition hammer delivered what it said it would for a price too good to be true.
Stargazer Stargazer
One hell of a piece of equipment. Should totally due what I want. And just why in the world do you need a 100 characters in this field.

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