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sala.. sala..
Great price. It fit my Qx80 very well.
The price was great, very easy to install.
Stephanie Stephanie
Looks factory
These crossbars look like they came from the factory, which is exactly what I wanted. I did have to go to the hardware store to get 2 screws for the back piece, the ones provided were just a tiny bit too short. Easy to install and very happy with them !
Cipri Cipri
Best Fit for 2016 Ford Explorer
Fit my 2016 Ford With Explorer limited Edition.
Olivia Barksdale Olivia Barksdale
The product has done great so far I. My husband 2018 Ford Explorer. He was able to install it himself without any help. My only complaints is that in the instructions it mentioned the the bars could fit into any of the slots but when my husband attempted to move the back bar up, it was not long enough. Over all the bar is awesome and we had and Our belongs were secure over a 700 mile ride.
lindsey neal lindsey neal
The only complaint I have is when driving it makes a lot of wind noise.
All in all it was a great purchase!
Fred Fred
Looks like Ford put them on when the vehicle was built.
Nice styling and sturdy. Fits perfectly with the rear-most bolt holes in the side rails using the Ford tie-down bolts that come with the vehicle. I bought a roof basket to attach to these racks and the basket's length required locating the rear rack in the forward screw position. Unfortunately, the rack cross length was too short to mate with the width between the side rails in that position and I had to perform a field modification on one of the end brackets. Redrilling the holes worked fine and there was no compromise in strength. Extra holes in the bracket would have been a nice touch. Anyway my alteration wasn't a problem during a 2000 mile road trip to Canada loaded with heavy luggage. I leave the racks on the roof fulltime and haven't noticed any additional noise. I do take the basket off of the rack between uses because the basket does roar pretty bad when not filled with cargo.
Raygun Raygun
Perfect fit
Looks great! Perfect fit for my 2016 explorer
Dan S Dan S
They do the job and look OEM
The cross bars were easy to install and look great. The noise issue is interesting. Usually they are completely quiet. I have driven long road trips at various speeds with no sound. Then sometimes they become quite noisy, but only for a few minutes. This usually occurs in the 35 to 45 mph range. And then just as quickly as they start to whistle, the noise stops.
Jeremy Sergent Jeremy Sergent
Space saver
Attached cargo basket to them, saved room in the vehicle.
Keith Jensen Keith Jensen
The perfect fit and price!
Working for County that just started renting cars, it became apparent that we, the employees, could no longer modify our vehicles from drilling holes or permanently mounting antennas or other equipment mounting hardware to the roofs as we had done before. This now left us with having to come up with cost saving and other methods that would not reduce the cost of the vehicle when it is finally returned back to the rental company. So being able to purchase OEM crossbars less than what the dealership charges for a 2018 Ford Explorer got me the approval I needed quickly and back in the field with the equipment I use everyday! Thanks!

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