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Byron Byron
Step 2 or 3 Black
2 or 3 step
Assembly instruction not very detailed but adequate. Easy to assemble and very sturdy. I will have to order another to match up the other side.
Rick Peterson Rick Peterson
Step 2 or 3 Black
Great product. I can't tell you how many compliments I have received. The handrail is sturdy and looks great.
Hangman Hangman
Step 3 or 4 White
Real wrought iron top rail.
They were easy to install in our concrete stoop. I bought an extra set to extend for the top of the stoop. By cutting the two sets and welding them together to make one whole railing, they came out great. I thing the company should sell a set like that to do that same thing. Only a thought and check it out in the pics.
Paula Paula
Step 1 or 2 White
These railings are wonderful. They are very sturdy, well made and very attractive. The quality is excellent and far exceeds any railing you would purchase at your local chain hardware/lumber store. There is no comparison.
Behrendt Behrendt
Step 2 or 3 Black
They worked perfectly. I installed them on new concrete steps 3 weeks after they were poured. Used a 10 mm SDS drill for the mounting holes. Very sturdy. Just what we needed.
dont know dont know
Step 1 or 2 White
have none
i was very satisfed with your product. it was easy to insrtall it looks nice i would recommend it to anyone thats looking for hand railing. thansk you
Mike the Engineer Mike the Engineer
Step 3 or 4 Black
The most difficult part of the assembly was drilling mounting holes in our concrete paver steps. If the hole is not perfectly straight vertically, you can have a very difficult time getting the handrail to mount where you want it to be. Several of the holes I drilled were not perfectly vertical and we had a very difficult time installing the concrete anchors and getting the bolts through the mounting plate. Once that was accomplished the remainder of the installation took very little time. The final product will provide us with a sturdy handrail that allows us to climb stairs in our 70's and 80's.
Steve Reynolds Steve Reynolds
Step 2 or 3 Black
The two railings I ordered are very beautiful designed but unfortunately the paint was chipped and the person handling they can't did a very nice job to try to make up for it. I would have preferred to get the top rail unblemished but I do appreciate the consideration.
Mike Mike
3 Black
So good that I bought two! They worked really well for the front steps of my cottage and look great.
David Stein David Stein
Step 2 or 3 Black
The second set was fine. The first set did NOT have the provided I me but stillcoverings for the base. I've asked for a set gambit reverie it! to be

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