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2 Frame 15 inch
I bought Electric Honey Extractor Separator 3 Frame Bee Extractor Stainless Steel , but I think this is Electric Honey Extractor Separator 2 Frame Bee Extractor Stainless Steel It’s ok Reasonable price according to product quality
Matt Newton Matt Newton
2 Frame 15 inch
Huge time saver
This was my first time processing honey. I don’t have anything to compare the process to but this was a huge help.
don don
4 Frame 18.5 inch
worked great spun out just over 1000 lbs of honey this season. I ended up bolting caster wheel to each leg and that eliminated it walking around while spinning.
Honey on the Hill Honey on the Hill
4 Frame 18.5 inch
4/8 Frame Honey Extractor - Assembly and Fist Use
We purchased this extractor about a month ago (September 2022) and used it for the first time last week (October 2022). We extracted honey from 4 frames at a time and a total of eight frames were spun for this extraction session. The extractor is very simple to operate but do be careful not to increase the speed too quickly as the unit will begin to wobble due to the different amounts of honey weight on your frames. Nothing to be adjusted as it is just the nature of the honey frame honey volumes. Each load of frames for extraction will be different so increasing the speed very slowly will be required to find the sweet spot to avoid excessive wobble. After extraction was complete, we used a rubber spatula to scrape the excess honey that is below the bottom of the honey gate. By slightly tilting and sticking spatula through the basket to reach the bottom of the barrel, we were able to get about 1 extra pound of honey. For safety - be sure to unplug the unit before reaching in to remove the honey that remains below the honey gate. The unit was pretty easy to assemble but the directions could be more detailed and better illustrations included for the lids. There is a right lid and left lid so when installed and opened can be held upright by magnets that attract to the motor housing. This detail is not included in the assembly instructions so there is a 50/50 chance you will need to reinstall the doors if you do not understand the magnet arrangement. Overall, we are very satisfied with this honey extractor and would recommend to others.
T. Gene Cole T. Gene Cole
Seems to work fine
The honey extractor arrived quickly and had all the pieces that assembled pretty well. The motor had a nasty sound until I saw that the protective case had been pushed down and was touching the fan. Once that was corrected it worked good, and very quiet. The two top lids are not centered well but do the job.
MN4273 MN4273
Nice unit for the price.
This unit is well designed and well built.Pros:*It holds 4 deep frames or 8 medium frames.*The drain comes out of the bottom, (not the side like so many other units) and the bottom slopes toward the drain so you don’t have to invert the extractor to get the last few lbs of honey out.Cons:*The instructions suck (like most Chinese products).*Its a little tight to put frames of honey in it, they could’ve given a bit more room to load heavy frames, empties go in with ease, like in the demo, but who’s ever going to load empty frames.*The packaging is a bit underwhelming the unit arrived in good shape but the box was badly beaten, torn open, taped back together and 1 small nut was missing.*No parts list to identify the normal wearing parts such as the coupling bushing and bottom bearing.
Warren Warren
4 Frame 18.5 inch
It is a good product for the price, it would be a lot better if the basket had a couple slight modifications and it could extract 8 medium frames radially. It won’t with this basket design without some mods. It is made of cheaper quality materials, but it does work and makes extraction quicker than hand cranking a 2 frame extractor.
Jennifer Jennifer
New beekeeper
Worked wonderfully! We didn't want a hand crank and this fit perfectly into our price range. Worked exactly as described and we are super happy with our purchase!
Olga Olga
4 Frame 18.5 inch
Works good but came in bad shape.
Came on time- works good, but the honey extractor itself was in horrible shape it was bended all over the place as if the box was thrown around and the box it came in was also ripped and dented.
Ryan Dunn Ryan Dunn
Easy to assemble, easy to use
I built a base out of 2x4’s to expand the surface area. It helps when the frames aren’t all the same weight. I used to do gravity extraction, that would take a week or more to clear the frames, this speeds up the time to a couple hours.

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