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Hydro Hydro
Easy to assemble, great customer service. Can,t ask for more. I got 1 bucket leaking . They replaced it right away. Vegetable grow like crazy. Just need to adjust your ph. Or the plant will suffer.
Real Talk Real Talk
If you want an honest review - here it is
Right off the top, I bought 2 sets of this kit. The buckets w/ the net pot lids are worth the money by themselves. Having said that, here are the negatives. The air pump is garbage. There is no way this thing is rated for 8 air stones simultaneously for anything other than weak bubbles. It's not good enough. As many others have, I bought 2 different 4x pumps (variable) off amazon that do way better. Paid about $30 each. The air stones that come with this kit are terrible as well. Every single one of them broke at the neck when pulling the tube off. Again, that's an easy fix with $20 for a 10 pack of 1" quality stones off amazon. The buckets are quality for sure. The handles are robust and work really well. We are currently growing carolina reapers and I really like the smaller 5" size of the net pot in the lids. Requires less clay pebbles and there is no reason for 8"+ pots when the goal is to have the plant roots touch your nutrients faster. ALL THIS SAID:::: I have some comments about potential improvements. I have deleted the water level tubes. Dumb. Completely unnecessary. I taped off the two top holes and saved the grommets for later use. The bottom hole is PERFECT FOR THE AIR LINE. I cut an 8" tube and inserted into the bottom whole with an air stone attached in the middle of the bottom of the bucket. This way the stone is ALWAYS stationary in the center bottom of the bucket so you get the maximum agitation of the root system. It's a no-brainer. Also, the other end of the air tube is cut to about 2" outside the bottom of the bucket. You attach the backflow check valve and now you have an easy way to change out the buckets. Just disconnect the air tube from the check valve and swap in your prepped bucket. PHOTO INCLUDED. Anyway, this is a great beginner setup. You can play around with what works for you. Last comment: SUPPORT IS TERRIBLE. Sorry but you get what you pay for.
Rosa M. Camacho Rosa M. Camacho
Great Service
So far love it everything is exactly as the pic shown have stuff growing like crazy
Pat Brown Pat Brown
Would recommend
Still working amost a year later
JoProGrow JoProGrow
Small Business Owner
Absolutely the best quality 8 bucket system, at this price point I’ve seen in 25 years of growing. EVERYTHING INCLUDED so you can grow right out of the box. Even the pump, 8 way splitter, and hydroton. I’ve seen these systems, of lesser quality, cost well over $400. This is 100% an absolute bargain and a steal for anyone looking to grow hydroponically, or learn to grow hydroponically. It’s incredibly versatile and overall a fantastic system.
Smoke Test Smoke Test
The Money is Right
Totally worth the price. Honestly 8x 5-gallon buckets costs this much anymore. But the lids are solid, the valves are good, and the extra tubing is nice. Oh and the water-level tubes are a nice touch but unnecessary. Now the bad: everything else is cheap. The air stones are terrible, the pump isn't rated for pushing 8 lines (you will definitely have to by a new pump or 2), the directions are a joke, and support is shoddy. But would buy it again just for the good components alone. Worth every penny.
Paul K. Paul K.
Great value for the price, yet no different from the more expensive systems!
I was going to build my own setup with Home Depot buckets but after pricing out the buckets w/lids, the hoses and fitting, the net pots, expanded clay and factoring in the labor of painting the buckets black (to prevent algae growth) and modifying the buckets for net pot use, it’s as just way more practical to buy this. Plus, compared to the more popular brands offering nearly identical products, this was no different than any other but at least $30 cheaper.I will say, that exterior blue tubing feature is useless. Since the holes are already cut, you’re forced to use it or find a way to prevent water from leaking, but at the end of the day it does nothing. I assume it’s supposed to show water levels in the bucket but the tube is so thin and tinted that you really can’t see anything. I’ve seen a system that uses a half inch to inch tube for this and I may modify these to copy that, as it’d be much easier to see water levels.Anyways, the system is great and has everything you need to get started. You’d be a fool not to get it.
LAdy LAdy
I LOVE THIS! for everything that you get, plus having all the work already pre done for you, there really isn't any better option. if you were to price out everything, plus add in the time to make all the necessary holes and whatnot.. GREAT DEAL
Rhonda L Slack Rhonda L Slack
Easy to put together. Tomato plants are growing like crazy.
CCGrower CCGrower
Great kit
I really LOVE the kit - buckets are pre-drilled and grommets and fittings fit well. Complete isn't the word - this kit has everything except the water and seeds. The sight glasses are easy too - just be sure not to cut the plastic straws too short!! Even includes the ceramic pebbles to hold the plant in place in the basket. I couldn't put it all together buying separate pieces for the price.

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