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23 Review(s)
Clear filters
Been in pond for a month running well ! Came with most attachments. Had to do a Home Depot run to get connection could screw on pipe and fountain head.
Sheri Green Sheri Green
Workhorse of a pump
We purchased two of these pumps to use with the pressure filters and the 24" spillway for a 3500+ koi pond. The results are amazing. This is not a small rinky-dink pump. It is heavy and works amazingly well. Highly recommended!
lake pump lake pump
Pump it up
they work as expected, not as great as Vevor claims but I'm moving water. I'd buy it again if priced correctly but Vevor has other toys that work better. I have like 5 pumps from them now all kinds and absolutely love two of them.
not bad don't shoot like the vevor add says not bad don't shoot like the vevor add says
They work and move some lake water.
I've attached to fountains in the Lake they work, they do not work as great as Vevor says but they work fine for me;
Stephen Stephen
Great purchase, I used this pump for a pond fountain that I made. This is a workhorse that pumps plenty of water for what I needed.
K. Turner K. Turner
Heavy duty!
I got this pump to power an indoor waterfall feature. The feature is still under construction, but after testing this pump, I am 100% confident that it will be up for the task! My original plan was to use two separate pumps, one for the waterfall and another to circulate water to a sump filter. This pump will be more than powerful enough to run the water up the waterfall feature, and I don't think I will even need to use another pump at all. The listing says it can pump up to 25 feet, and I am sure it can. In my case I only need 10 feet of lift, and this is more than sufficient.
S. Hukkanen S. Hukkanen
Wow, nice pump
Item arrived quickly and I was pleased at how well made it is. It's pretty straightforward on how to use it. It's actually bigger than what I needed, however, it's gonna be a perfect item for a project I have in mind. This appears to be very well made and I love all the different nozzle tips, so you get various sprays. It flows a lot of water, so it will work for larger ponds or projects where you need more water flow. Item is heavy, so no worries about it tipping when submerged. I'm very happy with this purchase.
Blondish and Bookish Blondish and Bookish
So I use this for three main things:1) Moving irrigation water to areas that aren't already set up that way.2) Moving water out of areas where it tends to stand3) Emptying out large permanent water troughs that don't have another way to drain and clean them.This thing is very powerful, and works well even in the kinds of situations I have. I'm dealing with water that has plants in it, mud, algae, dirt, sand, etc. This pump holds up like a champ. It moves water fast. Like FAST. It's impressive! The irrigation setup is old, and some of the valves no longer work. Having the ability to move the water with this pump is terrific. I don't have to have wasted acreage.Very happy with this, five big stars!
Ron Moody Ron Moody
Powerful but inexpensive pump
This thing is very powerful and it is very sturdy in construction. I'm very glad I made this purchase and so are my fish. I just wish I could find a piece that converts the spray into a fountain spray.
Melrel05 Melrel05
I’ve got to say that I have had the opportunity to try a few Vevor products over the last month and I have been thoroughly impressed! The prices are affordable in the qualities great considering low prices. And this pond pump is no different! it moves a ton of water quickly, my last one that was the same psi even from the get go only moved about half as much as this somehow. I’m definitely going to have to figure out a way to prevent all the mud and tiny rocks from getting stuck in it since my pond is a natural pond. Overall no complaints here!

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