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Josh Josh
love how easy to use. very fast cutting love it. we used it for chicken shredding to used in Empanadas.
VinVee VinVee
saves so much time
the instructions that came with it are a joke. they should be ashamed of themselves for doing that. but...the machine is incredible. saves me hours and labor. works sooooo fast. I use it to slice beef and chicken for shawarma on the grill. the clear plastic cover is that type of plastic that probably won't be durable but the rest of the machine is so excellent. watch a few youtube videos to learn how to remove the blades as a whole group. be very careful, it's super sharp and I would not let just anyone use it. there is no sort of guards. see pics to understand. just be careful. it's easier to clean that way. two allen screws and a reverse thread knob and it comes apart easily. if mine dies, I will certainly buy another one.UPDATE-the above still holds true. However, customer service is a big ZERO. I attempted to contact vevor two times through their website for an option on replacement blades and they never responded. This is the price you pay for buying cheap instead of from a local dealer. Oh well, next time I know better.
Denise Tran Denise Tran
Have to be very careful.
Great for meat slicer and Consistance.
Michael Michael
Quick and easy!
Looking for that nice jerky cut! The 3.5mm is just the RIGHT size for me. Took 20lbs of meat and it was all sliced up in 20sec with 2 min prep time. If you're I to making jerky this is a must have machine! 55min, 20lbs meat all cut, trimed then sliced, 1 batch tumbling in marinade ready to put on racks to go into dehydrator, 3 ziplock bags packed and marinated. 55 min start to finish!
Steve Martin M Steve Martin M
Very useful slicer
Comparing to other expensive item, it costs only for the blade. We are very happy with this item which is useful and efficient slicing the meats for our restaurant. It is over a month and still working well.I bought extra machine if something goes wrong.
Xingyi Zhang Xingyi Zhang
Get the jobs done but not easy to clean
Get the jobs done but not easy to clean
Scotty Roten Scotty Roten
good cutter
it cuts good but is a little harder to clean then advertised
Good product
Mohan Sukhai Mohan Sukhai
The frame for the blades should have be 1/4 of an inch wider cause every time I have to stop and clean stuff between the end blade and frame,the grill rubbing of blade makes lots of of noise, need a better part to cut stuff into cube,other than that the machine cut great
Darrell Wyant Darrell Wyant
Great machine
I was hoping the machine was built and worked the way it is described. I am thoroughly impressed. Meat will slice in one second. We sliced 20 pounds of meat in several minutes. This usually takes about an hour on the old style slicer. The blades are razor sharp. They can be removed and washed or leave it on the machine and pour hot water over them. Very well built. Love it

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