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Ben Ben
If interested in a drill press of any kind. Buy a mag drill. This one is the most bang for your buck
Excellent tool. Very powerful. Doesn't bog under load. Built a stand for it. I use as a drill press and I can take it on the go and use core bits. Very versatile. Very happy with my purchase. Would definitely buy again. Already been showing others how awesome it is. Ben G
sherry Jackson sherry Jackson
1200 W
What I hoped it would be
Adam West Adam West
I despise lies in listings
The rpm specification is a complete lie. The rpm is 220 to 540 rpm. I figured this drill must be geared slower than the other mag drills and that would be a huge plus. Unfortunately it was deception.Why am I not sending this thing back on principle alone?The spindle run out on mine is 0.003" to 0.005". Not bad at all. I feel lucky with that...The over all travel is 8.5" and it has plenty of height to utilize a drill chuck with most jobber drills except maybe nearing 1/2".The gibs are thick and chromed and easy to adjust. Over all the quality is really not bad at all. The motor case is metal.Everthing else looks really decent. I haven't checked the motor amps but I won't be surprised if that is exaggerated too. Knowing what I know now I'd still buy it.
Daniel grantham Daniel grantham
Worked perfect for the money I spent on it very happy
John P. John P.
What an incredible drill for the price. Well made ,easy operation, you will be happy with the results.
Derek Copeland Derek Copeland
Very good buy
Used this drill for the first time this week. Had to relocate a pintle hitch on log truck. This drill worked flawless and just as good as name brand drills. I drilled through 1” pintle plate without any trouble. I will be using it often so I hope it holds up but as of right now, very satisfied with it.
fsandy fsandy
Great Machine
This preformed very well. I needed to make an adjustment to a motor mounted on a piece of steel and there no room for error. This preformed perfect. Easy to move and very accurate when magnetized. I was very happy with for the price.
Adam K. Adam K.
Good value; not top end but you get a good mag drill!
Great value- good drill; kinda loud.
Vernon Mack Vernon Mack
Mophorn Drill Mopped it up!
The word around the farm is that "Mophorn Mopped it up"! What took the Milwaukee drill 4.5 hours to do, the Mophorn drill did in 35 minutes. People laughed at first at the Mophorn and now Mophorn is the one laughing. I couldn't have come up with a better name. If I was to start a business, the first word that comes to mind would be Mop....and then the second most obvious word would be....Horn! Introducing Mophorn! The best name in the business when it comes to drills!
Jade Jade
1100 W
Great Drill
It’s exactly what my husband was looking for. Arrived on time and is as described. Good quality.J.N.

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