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Clayton W. Crooks Clayton W. Crooks
Easy Charge
This worked very well for my car. The case is surprisingly small which is great for storage. The display is also useful if you care to know how much voltage is being used.
Sharon sabando Sharon sabando
Great Features and Easy to use
Works well and has the ability to set the maximum charge amperage to 13,16, or 32 amps. To set hold the minus “-“ button until the amperage changes color then push plus or minus button until the amperage you’d like appears, then hold the minus button again. It also tells how many KW were put into the car as well as the charge time. Also shows the current amperage output while it’s charging. I used a Velcro strap hanger to hang it on the wall for use in my garage. I then wrap the chord around a hook off to the right while it’s not attached to the car.
Michael S. Duffield Michael S. Duffield
Why spend more?
I have two level 2 chargers for my 2022 BMW 330E. The first is an EVOCHARGE that is installed at my office. Great charger but expensive. If you can forgo having APP interface, the VEVOR level 2 is the BEST bang for your buck. It is installed at my home and charges at the same rate as the more expensive unit plus it has the same cord length. Both will require some electrical work so you will be spending about the same for installation. Why spend more for a fancy box? Just get the VEVOR and be done with it.
r kern r kern
Nicely made and at an attractive price.
Have owned it only 2 weeks and used it 4 times to charge our Chevy Bolt. It worked perfectly those few times I used it.
Rick D. Rick D.
Solar Power to the MAX!
I installed a solar generator system using EcoFlow and the Delta Pros connected to a Voltage Hub that puts out 240v at 7200 watts. The hub has a connector that matches the plug on this cable so I thought Id try it out for charging my car. My plan is to use this setup for emergencies during blackouts but otherwise use it to charge my Plugin Prius. It works like a charm.... couldn't be happier!
haruyozkid haruyozkid
Works fine fairly priced with all the trimming.
Tested and monitored for heat.Very little warmth to the touch during charging and performed exactly as original supplied with the vehicle.
Inexpensive and an excellent backup.
I have a 2012 Chevy Volt for over ten years now and during that time I burnt out several of the 110v 15amp wall chargers. All were replaced free of charge by Chevy or the dealer but the last one I took apart and replaced all the friend wires with better ones. To my surprise it has been working fine for years but since my warrantee expired, if something goes wrong and I need a new one, a replacement costs $500.00 from the dealer. Even used cost more than this one. I got this one from Amazon a few weeks ago for less than some sneakers and it works great. It does not have high or low output, just high. It does not have any ventilation holes so maybe good for bad weather. I plan to keep it as a backup in the car because I still use the original charger at home and leave it plugged in it every time I go. I am using the VELVOR at its Level 1 level and it works find. Wires look strong. 25' is comfortable and it appears to be water resistant since there are no ventilation holes anywhere. Excellent price.
Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
Order came quickly and works great
Order came quickly and works great
Anonymous Anonymous
Works On My 2022 Prius Prime
I bought this charge cable because I wanted to be able to use Level 2 (240V) charging with my 2022 Prius Prime for an occasional quick charge. I tried the VEVOR cable with both Level 2 (240V using the NEMA 6-20 plug) and Level 1 (120V using the NEMA 5-15 adapter cable). I seems to charge twice as fast in the Level 2 configuration, so it performed as expected. The cable is plenty long enough, and the soft storage case is also a nice feature. I have no way to judge how weatherproof the cable is.My only complaint, is that the VEVOR SAE J1772 plug does not fit smoothly into the charging jack on my Prius. The SAE J1772 plug on the OEM cable that came with the Prius fits easily into the charging jack, but the plug on this VEVOR cable needs more force to insert and extract it from the jack on the car.I only intend to use the VEVOR cable for occasional fast charging, so for the price, it seems like a good value. Since the SAE J1772 plug doesn't fit as well as my OEM cable, I gave it only 4 stars.
Netpea Netpea
Great charger
Works great. Cut my charging time to 4 hours and had the plug type I needed.

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