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Electric Winch

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VEVOR Electrical Winches: Power & Control for Superior Performance 

An electric winch is an automated tool for lifting, tugging, and repositioning goods. It is commonly affixed to a car's front or back fender and operates by direct current power supplied by the car's electrical system.

Choosing the most suitable electrical winch for your vehicle might be tasking. But, with VEVOR, you have nothing to be worried about as we provide a wide variety of high-quality electrical winches to suit your needs. VEVOR is a leading brand and the most reliable manufacturer of electrical winches designed to suit any type of vehicle, including boats.

What Are Electrical Winches Used For?

Electric winches are machinery that is fueled by electricity. A wire rope is wound in or out using a drum on an electric winch. Electric winches are powerful and frequently used for vehicle retrieval on towing trucks, elevators, and 4-WDs.

A motor is used in electric winches for driving or propelling the rotating drum that wraps the wire. These electric motors operate on electricity. Heavy-duty and durable electric winches have powerful and reliable electrical wiring that can handle a lot of energy. In most cases, the motors can be adjusted to handle higher loads; some even contain gears that let them lift huge items.

These electric winches have simple gears that operate similarly to push bike gears. A considerably larger gear can be turned when a small gear is driven by an electric motor, boosting the quantity that can be drawn. An electric winch is the best option for upward lifting when setting up and disassembling steel, concrete, and heavy gear.

An electric winch can drag or pull large weights in the port, factories, mines, and construction industries. Winches come in a wide variety. Some are made for occasional, light-duty use, while others are for heavy, frequent use.

How To Choose The Right Electrical Winch?

Consider a winch if you intend to go off-roading frequently. Given the abundance of available options, choosing the best one may be challenging. Let us explore some factors to consider when choosing the right electrical winch.

The Capacity

The winch capacity should be taken into account first and foremost. An electric winch with a higher capacity is best! You'll require a stronger winch, depending on how heavy the vehicle is. The winch must be able to pull a minimum of half of your vehicle's weight.


An electric winch has two motors that make up its power system. They are series excitation motors and permanent magnet motors. The former is an old-fashioned design with a limited current, classical, primary structure, and low cost. In contrast, the latter has these qualities: fast action, great power, appropriate for long-term rolling, and a substantial cost.

Pull Force

The winch model's Arabic digits, such as 4500 lbs., denote the highest pulling force, translating to a maximum pulling force of 4500 lbs. The standard rule for buying a winch is that it should have a pulling force that is 1.5 times that of the vehicle. Off-road fans constantly strive to set up a winch with an increased pulling force since the force the winch may experience at work is unpredictable and random.

Mount Option

Below are three widely used ways to mount a winch.

 Bumper Mount: The easiest mounting option is the bumper mount. They provide the most flexibility. They are effortless to install.

 Multi-mount: This one is slightly trickier than the first. A Multi-Mounted winch's attachment point makes it less sturdy than other types. If you want the security a winch offers without permanently putting it in your car, the multi-mounted winch is ideal.

 Winch bumpers: Due to their realistic appearance, these mounting alternatives are growing in popularity daily. Additionally, they protect the front of your car.

Why Choose VEVOR’s Electrical Winch?

VEVOR provides a wide variety of electric ranging from electric winches for cars to electric boat winches to electric winch for trucks. We also provide portable electric winches that are easily transportable. If you are searching for the best electrical winch, visit the VEVOR online store.

In addition to providing the best high-quality electric winch you can get, we also offer fantastic customer support and fast delivery system. We also have a 30-day return policy on all products. One of the best VEVOR electric winches is VEVOR Truck Winch 18000lbs Cable Steel 12V Power Winch Wireless Control.

FAQs About Electric Winches

Q: What Size Winch Do I Need For A Car Trailer?

Since the popularity of SUVs and other large cars has increased, car trailers are essential to the automotive industry. A winch capable of supporting the car's weight and torque is required for a racecar trailer. A racecar trailer winch should have a capacity of at least 5,000 lbs.

Q: What Accessories And Add-ons Are Needed For An Electric Winch?

Some accessories and add-ons needed for an electric winch are gloves, mounting plates, rope tensioners, shackles, straps, rope extensions, switches, circuit breakers, and control boxes.

Q: How Much Power Does An Electric Winch Use?

While electric winches can use up to 150 to 200 amperes, they are only left running for a short time. Use might last up to 10 minutes every day. A top 12v electric winch will typically draw 450 amps in regular operation. This indicates the winch can handle 450 amperes of voltage before getting hot.

Q: Which VEVOR Electric Winch Model Is Highly Recommended?

Although all VEVOR electric winches are excellent and of high quality, the VEVOR Electric Winch 13,000lb Vehicles Winch IP67 Nylon Cable Wireless Control is the highly recommended model. Having a 12V DC supply and extremely high horsepower, the 3-Stage Rotary Gear provides more torque on the engine's power and improved rigidity. 

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