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Door Push Bar

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Easy to Install Panic Bar Hardware with Auto Lock Feature

Door push bar door-hardware-locks-c_10512">hardware attaches to the door to enable convenient push and pull action. It comes with locks to enhance security and limit external access. The push bar door handle has high usage in kitchen doors, panic doors, etc. It allows easy opening and closing of the doors. Some panic bar hardware also has auto-lock and continuous open features.

VEVOR manufactures heavy-duty push bar door handle types for use in double-door designs. The VEVOR heavy-duty push bar door handle has a stainless steel body and a sleek design. If you're looking for a push bar door lock for a double door, there’s no better option than VEVOR door push bars with locks.

Various Types of Door Push Bars with Locks

There are multiple door push bars with locks available in the market. The difference is in their push bar door lock design and opening mechanism. Let’s explore various push bar door lock types:

Touch Bar Door Lock

The touch push door bar has a flat design, enabling door opening with a touch action. It suits heavy traffic, kitchen, panic exit, or fire exit doors. The users can easily open the door with a touch push door bar without using their hands. The touch push door bar is easy to install and usually comes with pre-drilled holes.

Rim Door Panic Bar

The rim door panic bar is suitable for out-swinging doors, it has a unique latch design with a concealed opening mechanism. Unlike the surface vertical rod system which is often stuck, the rim exit device is secure and convenient. The rim exit device doesn't have an auxiliary surface vertical rod system. The rim door panic bar is best for single doors but you can use it with double doors.

Vertical Rod Door Panic Bars

Vertical rod devices are common in the door panic bars. The vertical rod devices are mounted on the door surface or concealed within the door panic bars. The vertical rod exit device offers high security with two latch points connected via vertical rods. Moreover, the vertical rod exit device is best for double doors due to its convenient touch bar mechanism. It has extensive use in panic exit and fire exit doors.

Things to Consider When Buying Door Lock Push Bar

The door lock push bar is a critical element of any panic exit. When selecting a door lock push bar, you should be very considerate about the mechanism, features, build quality, and more.

Quality and Durability

The panic bar door lock must be of the highest quality to ensure durability and longevity. The material's durability is crucial if you use the panic bar door lock at heavy traffic points. Consider selecting a panic bar door lock with a stainless steel or aluminum alloy body. Additionally, you should look for high heat and corrosion resistance.

Operating Mechanism

The mechanism of the exit door push bar must be compatible with your door type and requirements. You should select a vertical rod mechanism if you’re more concerned about security. However, if you want a convenient opening mechanism, rim panic door hardware is recommended. The rim panic door hardware uses a touch bar mechanism for user convenience.

Additional Features

You should also look for additional features like an auto-lock system, an always-open system, and alarm integration in the exit door push bar. These features increase the usability of the exit door push bar and make your investment fruitful. When you have high-frequency use through these doors, such features add to the convenience. For instance, you can use the always-open system in the emergency exit push bar during evacuation.

Fire-rated and Building Code Compliance

An emergency exit push bar needs to be fire-rated and must adhere to the building code regulations. You should only select the emergency exit push bar with a fire-rated mark, such doors can withstand high heat in a fire emergency. Additionally, you should look for approval for UL and ANSI testing standards. These tests ensure the push door panic hardware can withstand over 500,000 open/close cycles.

Special Maintenance Tips for Push Bar Panic Hardware

Proper maintenance of the panic exit device helps ensure longevity and optimal use. Always check the alignment of the panic exit device with the door frame and strike plate. Check the latches for smooth functioning and lubricate them from time to time. The screws and bolts loosen over time which affects the stability of the push bar panic device. Ensure the bolts and screws are well secured.

Additionally, you should schedule testing of the push bar panic device to ensure proper functioning in an emergency. Cleaning of the panic bars also contributes to longevity. Keep the lever trim clean, you can use mild detergent to clean the lever trim. It will prevent rust and keep the device up.

VEVOR Heavy Duty Push Bar Exit Devices with Superior Quality

Let's explore VEVOR's high-quality push bar exit devices with enhanced security features for high-frequency use.

VEVOR Door Push Bar Panic Exit Device with Exterior Lever

Get the highly compatible VEVOR Door Push Bar with exterior level for convenient use. It has external locking for enhanced security. The panic exit hardware is easy to install and has a universal right- or left-hand use design.

VEVOR Door Push Bar Panic Exit Device

The VEVOR Door Push Bar Panic Exit Device has an efficient cored spring bolt mechanism. It has a robust design with superior build quality. The device is easy to assemble and has a wide application.

VEVOR Push Bar Door Locks with Carbon Steel Panic Bars for Exit Doors

The VEVOR Push Bar Door Locks with Carbon Steel Panic Bars is heavy-duty panic door exit hardware. It meets UL and ANSI testing standards and is highly fire-resistant. The device has an external key-locking system for enhanced security.

VEVOR Push Bar Door Locks, Stainless Steel Panic Bars for Exit Doors

The VEVOR Push Bar Door Locks and Stainless Steel Panic Bars for Exit Doors have advanced features like constant-open mode and external locking. You can use the device at high-traffic points like exit doors, commercial kitchen doors, etc.

Why Choose VEVOR Panic Bars for Exit Doors

VEVOR is a market leader in manufacturing high-quality panic bars for exit doors. Its products offer great compatibility with easy-to-install designs. The VEVOR door push bars have hardened stainless steel or carbon steel bodies for heavy-duty applications. The products are fire-rated with high heat resistance and tested with UL and ANSI testing standards and Von Duprin design.

VEVOR is a customer-centric brand with a focus on quality and competitive pricing. The VEVOR products are of superior quality yet priced moderately. It also offers the best customer service and after-sales care. The VEVOR dedicated customer support team is available 24/7 to answer your queries and assist you in purchasing until delivery.

FAQs About Von Duprin Door Push Bar

Q1: What are fire-rated door push bars?

A1: You can only use fire-rated door push bars at fire exits. They have high heat resistance and can withstand fire for a brief time. It must be fire-rated if you want to use a door push bar on fire exit doors.

Q2: How do we check door push bar compatibility?

A2: Door push bars are usually compatible with different door sizes. The size compatibility is mentioned in the manual. However, compatibility may be an issue if you have a customized door.

Q3: Are door push bars required by building codes?

A3: Yes, door push bars are required by building codes, there are certain standards that they must meet to qualify for use in commercial and residential buildings.

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