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Trailer Door Cabinet

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VEVOR's Trailer Cabinets As Stylish And Efficient Storage Solutions

Transportation and storage go hand-in-hand. Needing to seamlessly integrate using transportation to carry things, trailer cabinets have redefined ergonomics and aesthetics. Maximizing usability without compromising the vehicle’s aesthetics makes them worthy of discussion.

Trailer cabinets are specialized storage units designed specifically for trailers. Trailer cabinets serve a highly functional purpose on different mobile units, from utility trailers to recreational vehicles. VEVOR is a major part of the trailer cabinet market, steadily making affordable, durable, and versatile trailer storage cabinets available.

What Are The Materials Used In Making Trailer Cabinets?

Manufacturers make trailer cabinets from different materials, each offering distinct advantages due to their features. From durability, weight, aesthetics, and resilience to environmental conditions, the wide range of material types available allows people to buy a truck cabinet that suits their needs.


It is not surprising to find this material on the list. In fact, metal cabinets are arguably the most sought-after material people want their trailer cabinets to be made from.

Steel cabinets are known for their robustness, strength, and excellent durability. They can withstand heavy loads and harsh use. However, they may require constant surface treatment to prevent rust and corrosion.


Wooden trailer cabinets are a good choice for their aesthetically pleasing nature and wide customization options. They are effective in storing things and can be used in different vehicles. They are also relatively lighter than metal cabinets but may not be as durable without a proper finish to protect them from environmental factors.


Aluminium is another metal material suitable for building durable trailer cabinets. Unlike steel, it is resistant to rust and corrosion, making it an excellent choice for trailers exposed to different weather conditions. They also offer good structural integrity and are easier to customize. On the flip side, they don't take as much load as steel cabinets.

Plastic, polyethylene, and composite materials are also used to manufacture trailer cabinets.

How do Different Vehicles Utilize Trailer Cabinets?

Trailer cabinets have diverse uses, making finding them in various vehicles easy. Catering to diverse needs, manufacturers tailor trailer cabinets to specific needs and applications, optimizing their efficiency for their functions and compatibility with the vehicle.

Explained below is how some vehicles utilize trailer cabinets in an enclosed space:

Commercial Trailers

Many people have made their workspaces mobile. Commercial trailers like food trucks, mobile workshops, and service vehicles that use trailers and trucks to run their trades incorporate trailer cabinets to store their tools, equipment, and other work items.

Also, utility and cargo trailers are commercial trailers that use truck cabinets in an enclosed space to transport materials needed for jobs. They also ensure these materials are well organized and accessible when needed.

Recreational Vehicle or Campers

Cabinets in campers or RVs cater to storing personal items and other items needed for living on the move. RV or Campers use trailer cabinets to store kitchenware, personal effects, work effects, etc.

Mobile Homes

Living on the move is no longer new. People choose mobile homes for different reasons, including exploration and adventure. With a vehicle being a person’s home, the goal is to make it similar to a traditional home as much as possible.

Therefore, trailer cabinets in these vehicles serve functions similar to home furniture. They substitute kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, etc., to store clothes, food, kitchen utensils, and other personal items.

Most Popular VEVOR’s Trailer Cabinets

Among the range of VEVOR'S various trailer cabinets, some stand out due to the various features that have made them people's favorites.

VEVOR's Aluminum Trailer Door Cabinet

VEVOR's aluminum trailer door cabinet is one of the most sought-after VEVOR's trailer cabinets. The 26.5 x 8 x 33.5 is a large storage cabinet with three shelves, with the second and third shelves holding twelve bottles or more.

It also has a flip-out tray that can serve as a workstation, increasing the cabinet's functionality. It is easy to install with the aluminum body, making it durable and anti-rust.

VEVOR's Underbody Aluminium Toolbox

Another popular VEVOR trailer cabinet is the aluminum toolbox installed on the vehicle's bottom to store things. This toolbox is compatible with trucks and trailers alike. The positioning helps maximize space use in the vehicle. With the rubber sealing strip around the box, one can be guaranteed maximum security.

Why Choose Trailer Cabinet Storage With VEVOR?

VEVOR’s trailer cabinets are a testament to the seamless integration of functionality and design, putting a practical solution in a pleasing box. With efficiency meeting style, our storage cabinets are not just boxes but statements and solutions. VEVOR meticulously crafts them to elevate the space’s visual appeal without compromising optimal storage efficiency.

Using modern and durable materials, VEVOR’s state-of-the-art storage cabinets are reliable and stylish. Not delving far from our philosophy, VEVOR has a wide range of trailer cabinets at an affordable price. Another testament to the reliability of our products is their availability on online retail platforms, which also contributes to their accessibility.

FAQs About Trailer Cabinets

Can I customize my trailer cabinet?

Yes, you can have a custom-made trailer cabinet. With the option to contact a company to build a personalized trailer storage cabinet for you, you can choose the features that suit you to make the cabinet perfect for your needs. Custom-made cabinets allow you to decide the size, materials, layout, design, locks, drawers, shelves, and other features you want for your cabinet.

Can trailer cabinets withstand rough road conditions?

Yes, trailer cabinets can withstand rough road conditions. Their construction is sturdy, and they have secure mountings, making it easy to withstand movement and vibration. Some trailer cabinets are further reinforced at the corner, making it safe and easy to travel with them.

Are there weather-resistant trailer cabinets?

Yes, there are water-resistant and weather-resistant trailer cabinets. The makers understand that trailer cabinets transport different things in different conditions and with different vehicles. Therefore, some cabinets cater to extreme conditions like high humidity and temperature and store wet items. Aluminum trailer cabinets are a good example of durable cabinets. 

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