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VEVOR Wheel Alignment Tool, 4 Probes Toe Plates, Double 16 ft Measure Tapes, Stands Off Alignment Tools Automotive, Aluminum Alloy Toe Alignment Tool, Wheel Alignment Tool for Camber Caster

Customer Reviews for VEVOR Wheel Alignment Tool, 4 Probes Toe Plates, Double 16 ft Measure Tapes, Stands Off Alignment Tools Automotive, Aluminum Alloy Toe Alignment Tool, Wheel Alignment Tool for Camber Caster

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Dave Dave
Seems to be good for setting toe. Should work good for that. I haven't had a chance yet to try them out but will be do it soon
DrSolar Racing DrSolar Racing
hey, easy to use and helpful thank you. website is easy too good quality and quick shipping, great pricing too, thank you. if needed i will buy more like candy. We love sprint car racing.
Rob McDannald Rob McDannald
Home owners
Money saver. Still learning what all can be done with it but for what I initially wanted they work great.
Nicholas Vassilakis Nicholas Vassilakis
OK for the money
Ok for the money. Very poor instructions for assembly and use.You will need to refer back to the pictures on Amazon for assembly. Plates are thin aluminum and bend with little force. Gauge is magnetic and mounts to a steel bracket screwed to the aluminum plate. Once in place, the gauge does not sit flat on the plate, seems to be 2 degrees off. Rubber feet supplied do not actually fit the product.
BeachBlue BeachBlue
I'm returning the product. They need to include more probes, 2 more of the short and 4 more of the longer ones.
Customer Service Reply: dear friend, we are sorry to hear that, if you want to return for refund, you can always contact our customer service team (VEVOR support center-live chat, email and phone service) for further help, they will try their best to solve your issue.
beers beers
Well built toe plates
The toe plates are great for working with truck tires or tires that bulge due to lots of sidewall. The first thing you'll want to do is charge the angle finder, buy different tape measures with a smaller blade and 1/32 markings, then check the plates for warpage. Once everything checks out have at it, they work nicely. Don't know why they wouldn't include 1/32 tape measures, cheap's the package out for the price. The thinner blade tapes are easier to pull the sage out of. If you are stuck using the included tapes use some wood to support them the full length between the tires. IMHO the kit is worth the money even with the upgrades needed.
Jake Blues Jake Blues
Already paid for itself
Many people don't know that when you buy new tires and add an alignment, most shops have this moto. "Set the toe and let it go". So when you're paying $70+ for an alignment and all they adjust is toe, why not do it yourself.One thing I do not like and will do something about is you only use two probes to keep the plate off the wheel and tire bulge at the bottom. Keeping it off the bulge may be a good idea. But using only the floor as a third setting point may not be ideal.When you're looking for a 16th or 32nd of an inch, any slight movement of the plate on the floor will not give an accurate measurement. I had to go from side to side to square the plate to the floor.But this is a flaw I see in all these different toe plates. NOT just this brand.I may try adding one or two vertical slots in the center and add a probe to touch the bottom of the wheel and/or bungee cord, maybe lift the plate above the tire bulge and wrap a bungee around the tire and plate, not using the probes. Something to rely more on the plate staying square with the wheel.The image for this item showing everything you expect to come with this had a screwdriver in it. The item did not come with a screwdriver. Why one would be included I do not know. Perhaps a free gift? No great loss as I have plenty of quality screwdrivers.
ryan dittberner ryan dittberner
Great at home alignment tool
Just a product Idea: Would be great if it came with multiple length pegs for those vehicles that have more of a tire bulge or deeper spot on rim to put the pegs. Longer pegs would keep the plate off the tire at the bottom which could throw off themeasurement.Great at home alignment tool to adjust toe and more at home without paying the high costs to take it In and have it done. Sometimes when you do have an alignment done, all that is adjusted is the “toe” and that’s all that’s needed. And the. There’s times you take it in for a professional laser alignment because it is suppose to be accurate and you are trusting that shop to get your vehicles alignment perfect and when you get the vehicle back and drive home, you notice that the steering wheel is no longer centered which is annoying because they should have test drove after aligning it and noticed the steering wheel and fix it. Now you have to take your vehicle back and waste your time and have your vehicle out of use for another day. With this tool you can do it your self fairly quick and easy or you can even just check your alignment.
james james
Easy to use, good quality at a fair price. Used it to perform a 4 wheel alignment and was able to get setting correct. Also should use string toe setting method for rear.
Toni C Toni C
Time saver.
I bought these to use on my 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I just bought some new tires and used this units to check my toe alignment. These units were easy to use and were very accurate. I would recommend these units again and again.

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