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VEVOR Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine, 24"x18" Chamber Vacuum Sealer Machine, Vacuum Sealer Sealing Machine with Modern Control Panel for Food Preservation, Home, Commercial Using

Customer Reviews for VEVOR Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine, 24"x18" Chamber Vacuum Sealer Machine, Vacuum Sealer Sealing Machine with Modern Control Panel for Food Preservation, Home, Commercial Using

Customer Reviews

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James James
Great purchase
I've been using Foodsaver type vacuum sealers for years. I've always wanted a chamber vacuum machine but the cost was hard to justify. When I watched the YouTube videos on the Vevor and saw the reasonable price I decided to purchase one. I'm very pleased with my new machine. Setting it up was straightforward and easy and I used some of the expensive air channel bags I had on hand to try sealing different items. Those bags worked fine but I ordered a variety of chamber vac bags which cost much less. I buy beef, pork and chicken in larger quantities when they are on sale and this makes short work of packaging portions for the freezer. I also process my venison at home so that will be very helpful next fall.
Very good Vacuum Sealer Very good Vacuum Sealer
Great Vacuum Sealer
This is a quality product. It works perfectly and was easy to setup and to use. Recommend highly. We are using it to buy meat in bulk and portion out for our food storage. Also works great for vegetables and liquids. After using the vacuum sealers that simply suck air out of the bags, which won't work for liquids and always leaves air in the bag, this is a game changer. It is also fun to watch - it runs and nothing seems to happen. Then it seals the bag and releases the vacuum, and the bag just closes in super tight on your food.
Bowie Howard Bowie Howard
This is fantastic! It’s extremely easy to use and does a perfect job every time. There’s no need to look any further at high dollar chamber vacuums, this does the exact same thing at a third of the price. Very well built!!
Juli S. Juli S.
After watching a video of people using this product we decided to order it. What a game changer!! My husband just used it today and he is VERY happy with it. If you are looking for a high quality product then I would highly recommend this product. My husband has been sealing everything he can!! The only thing I would suggest they do is add some pouches with it. I was able to order some on line that were pretty reasonable. The other suggestion is to experiment with it due to doesn’t have a booklet about how to operate it. ie: settings for the suctioning. My husband didn’t have a problem with that as he just used it how the setting was when it arrived. He’s told me several of times how much he really likes this machine. The first picture is where he put water in the bag and sealed it. No leaking, no mess. The second picture is with BBQ sauce sealed with the meat. This was one of the reasons we purchased this model was so that we could put a liquid marinade in the bags. Worked wonderfully!!! If I ever need to replace it I’m definitely going to purchase this one again. Hopefully I won’t need to for a very long time.
Mat Mat
This is a huge step up from the next size down chamber sealer. Simple as can be to operate, fill half way with oil that is included, if you have bags you are good to go! Less than half the price of a vacmaster and bigger. I prefer oil pumps like this one, dry pumps have tendency to fail quicker. Love this product!
You can pay more, but why would you. This Chamber Vacuum has everything you need. It has a very strong seal bar - very impressive vacuum ability - and allows a very decent size bag for all your sealing needs. I have been using a food saver for years and gone through many of them. The food saver bags are expensive and you can't vacuum anything that has a lot of liquid. The first thing I sealed with this Chamber Vacuum was a bag of water (worked great). The bags cost about 80% less then food saver bags, and you can buy bags in any size. This DZ260-C easily vacuum sealed a bag that was 12x14, I personally don't need a bag any bigger.
Mike Mike
First chamber sealer. No comparison, this is amazing. No more having to clean up the sucked out liquids. Reliable seals. Much cheaper bags. Even my wife says it’s worth the space it takes up.
Neil Neil
So far so good. Sealed approximately 200 and I have no complaints. Works as it should. Only had for 1 month.
Jon Jon
Bought this machine originally and it arrived defective. After some back and forth vevor stood by their product and business and sent me a new machine. The new one works fine. It is very sharp looking and works well. I will continue to buy from vevor if they continue to stand behind the product and make things right as they did in this case. Thank you!
Travis Travis
This is the first chamber vacuum sealer I’ve ever used. I absolutely love it. Works flawlessly. Everything seals super nice. Haven’t had a bag yet that didn’t seal (done about 100 so far). Love the fact that you can seal anything that is wet without having the seal fail.

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