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VEVOR Pool Safety Cover, Inground Pool Cover Fit for PP Material, Rectangle Inground Safety Pool Cover Green, Mesh Solid Pool Safety Cover for Swimming Pool Winter Safety Cover (16x36 ft)

Customer Reviews for VEVOR Pool Safety Cover, Inground Pool Cover Fit for PP Material, Rectangle Inground Safety Pool Cover Green, Mesh Solid Pool Safety Cover for Swimming Pool Winter Safety Cover (16x36 ft)

16 x 36 ft No

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Steven Yokum Steven Yokum
Be ready to drill
Lot of tough drilling I thought. But once done I thought it went in place as expected. No complaints. I haven't had snow on it yet.
Sam Sam
Covers well
One apartment I manage has a pool and we had to cover it. Bought this cover and it does a great job.
Ebee Ebee
My 120 german Shepard runs across this sometimes and it holds up great!!
Aliscia Gilmore Aliscia Gilmore
Perfect for my Pool
I am a first time pool owner and I wanted something that didn’t retain water. It was hassle dealing with the previous pool cover. All I have to do is rack the leaves off of the top and it does it’s job. I also love in the south and we don’t get a lot of snow but we do get a lot of rain.
Sherry Miller Sherry Miller
Pool cover
This pool cover worked very well on our pool, so far so good.. but we haven’t had a snow yet to really say it is durable enough to to stand up to snow and ice. It does seem like it is going to be very durable. The cat walks on it all the time.
John Xin John Xin
Arrive on time and quality look good
Two months ago, I ordered one similar product which says the size is 22x42, it turned out to be 21x41 and did not fit my pool. The returning process was frustrating but Amazon gave full refund. After extensive study, I found that this one may be the right one and prepared for another return. Luckily, the size is as claimed and right: 22x42. Great quality and fits my pool with the old anchors. Will update the durability after one or two years.
Adam W. Adam W.
Nice fit.
Our pool is 20x40, this had about 6-8" overhang on each end. Came with all new mounting screws which i didn't need but a nice touch, also came with the install pole, also most people will already have this, but nice ot have a new one.No install on how ot mount the spring to the strap, but a guess and check later, it was done.
Beryl Joyce Turner Beryl Joyce Turner
Best price pool safety cover.
We just had this installed last week. It has made such a difference in our back yard appearance. And, NO FROGS!!
Mrs.Doolittle Mrs.Doolittle
Equal quality to loop loc
I ordered a 18x36 pool cover with 4x8 center stair and it fits beautifully. We had loop loc at our old house and the quality is the same it seems. Super strong and safe my 85lb dog walked across it no problem. Yes i had my heart in my throat for a minute. My husband used a 3/4 inch bit. A little tip use a shopvac to vacuum out the holes before you tap in the brass piece. I love this saftey cover we get hard winters in NY now i wont have to worry about anyone tripping or falling onto a plain tarp covered with snow.
bajasquad82 bajasquad82
Good for the money
Good for the money, especially living here in the northeast. Bought a Loop-loc cover 3 years ago costing me 2K with installation. Cover did not make it past this winter, crappy guarantee policy by loop-loc decided to go this route. Looks decent enough, not bad for 500 bucks. Will it make it 4 years, prob not.. But in comparison to 2k for my previous cover, will gladly take this one. By the way, you do have to drill a few holes if you had a loop-loc. Does not align completely with previous installation.....

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