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VEVOR 132 LBS Rotisserie Grill Stainless Steel Pig Lamb Hooded Roaster 50" Electric Charcoal Spit with 40W Motor & Adjustable Height Lockable Casters for Outdoor Camping Party Barbecue, Silver

Customer Reviews for VEVOR 132 LBS Rotisserie Grill Stainless Steel Pig Lamb Hooded Roaster 50" Electric Charcoal Spit with 40W Motor & Adjustable Height Lockable Casters for Outdoor Camping Party Barbecue, Silver

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LaCelle E. Lamb LaCelle E. Lamb
Great gift for my besty Brother!
Surprised my baby brother with this grill rotisserie all in one. He loves it! Going to hangout and smoke some Turkeys for the holidays next month!
Dean Dean
Nice grill BUT it is not 25" or 27" inch deep. It is 17" deep.
Tried to cancel this item after I figured out it was only 17" deep, but it had already shipped and sure enough right after they emailed me it had already shipped I got the tracking for it. They told me to just refuse delivery (or I would have to pay shipping back) and they would refund me but I decided to keep it even though I had one of the larger grills on the way (which is also 17" deep and the reason I ordered this one instead because I thought it was deeper) for a really good deal. Almost the same price as this one. I was also concerned that it would rust out quick as some others suggested (supposedly after one use too), but after using it and it setting for over a couple weeks in the yard being rained on there is no sign of rusting. One of my daughters put it together and and she rubbed it in it was so short (she wanted to go in on a pellet smoker grill, but I couldn't get her to act decisively and since I was ready for a grilled steak for independence day I pulled the trigger on this one, so she was already a little salty), but after she got to cooking on it, she simmered down and I think she ended up really liking it because I didn't hear anything more out of her and she could sit in a yard chair and grill at just the right height. Haven't tried the spit yet so I can't tell how well it is going to work, but it did a really good job on steaks. We have all sorts of critters running around (including pigs, goats, chickens and rabbits) that I hope to get good use out of the spit when we get to throwing one of the critters on it (or on the bigger one if they are to long for this one) which is why I wanted one (two) like this instead of a smoker. The spit set up alone, which I was also looking at buying, would cost over $100 for a good one, so this seemed like a good deal for not much more. Wish it came with a crank though as some do but it shouldn't be hard to make one. Was pleasantly surprised that it was pretty well built with pretty good gauge sheet. As fast as the last grill rusted out that wasn't stainless I'm hoping this one will last more then one season for not a whole lot more money than what a cheap fast rusting grill would run these days. Also unlike the cheap last grill and all the others I have seen, this one is put together with good hardware or tig welded joints, that isn't going to break (like the handles pulling off) the first time you use it. The cleanout drawer setup is a little cheesy (may need some better hardware for the slide brackets as I think that they are secured with the only rivets on it. Everything else is fastened together with Socket Head Cap Screws) but should make cleaning the ash out easier and the actual fire grates are nice heavy duty sheet (1/8th inch I would estimate at the very least) and should hold up nicely. Seems like a good deal for the price. Just don't build a bonfire in it and it should last.
Johnny Rosario Johnny Rosario
Big Rotisserie
Awesome!!! Cooked 60lb pig for 6 hrs with 3 bags of kingsford charcoal with mesquite chips and it came out absolutely perfect.. Luv it.
Sarosh Hamid Sarosh Hamid
Recent purchase
Have used it once. Excellent product. Quality of the steel looks fine and the rotisserie is designed for a convenient use.
Alex Alex
Lamb roster perfect choice!!!
I recently purchased a roaster for lamb cooking and I couldn't be happier with my choice. This roaster has exceeded my expectations in every way. First of all, the size of the roaster is perfect. It has ample space to accommodate large cuts of meat, like the 32-pound lamb I recently cooked. The lamb fit perfectly in the roaster!
Rosie Rosie
I highly recommend it, I give this to my son as a birthday gift and love it, he use it for rotisserie chicken and cooks very good he said he use a lot more than the propane ones.
Carlos Carlos
Buy it works great
It was the best thing I’ve ever bought. Works great roasted a complete pig less than four hours delicious.
Teck attes Teck attes
A little small but great quality
The product is small , it’s only for 50-60 lbs pig but has a great quality.
Antonio Pérez García Antonio Pérez García
About the package
Packaging is very tight, before reading the comments that received broken, this situation did not occur, from the packaging can be seen in the store's attitude, great.
Eneko Lobato Batiz Eneko Lobato Batiz
Service attitude
Customer service is very professional and attentive, and every question is answered carefully.

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