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VEVOR Slip Clutch, 1 3/8" PTO Slip Clutch, Smooth Round Ends PTO Friction Clutch, Carburized Steel Tractor Slip Clutch, Adjustable Rotary Cutter Slip Clutch, Black Brush Hog Slip Clutch for PTO Shaft

Customer Reviews for VEVOR Slip Clutch, 1 3/8" PTO Slip Clutch, Smooth Round Ends PTO Friction Clutch, Carburized Steel Tractor Slip Clutch, Adjustable Rotary Cutter Slip Clutch, Black Brush Hog Slip Clutch for PTO Shaft

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P Russell P Russell
After what seems like hours of replacing shear bolts, in the heat, trying to mow some heavy brush I saw this skip clutch advertised on Vevor, much lower price than I could find locally, I ordered it. It arrived just days later, and I wasted no time installing it on my old, smaller rotary mower. Adjusted the slippage, and job was done. Started mowing that afternoon and to my delight no more shear boltsbto replace, no worrying about damage to tractor PTO box, and my overgrown land started looking alive ( the deer seemed to appreciate it too. As well as my neighbors, whom later asked me to do some mowing for them and they wound up paying for the slip clutch and my fuel.
Angelo Angelo
Used for Auger
I'm no fan of shear bolts especially when it comes to post augers, this slip clutch arrived in time well packaged and works great. Plenty of videos on the Tube on how to "slip" the clutch and install it. Best used on the implement end of the PTO shaft, it came set for 45hp but I had to back the nuts off until they sat flush with the stud bolt ends just to get the thing to slip for initial break in, kept them as such for use on my auger and the only time it catches (kicks in) is when the auger is truly stuck. The only semi-gripe I have is the smooth shaft on my auger gear box is just shy of a true 1 3/8" which, after comparing to other smooth shaft gear boxes is common. There's a lot of waller room, to fix this I ordered 1/2" to 3/8" reducer bushings online, for some reason the bolt hole on the gearbox of my old auger was 3/8" not the normal 1/2" so I had to do some....urban rigging as it be, a trip to my local hardware store for anew 3/8" bolt and nyloc nut, problem solved. It attached to the Vevor PTO shaft I purchased just fine, works like a champ now. Both TSC and RK had similar clutches (probably made by the same people) for well over twice the cost. People complain about the finish paint not holding up which seems accurate but it's a freakin' PTO clutch. Also, it does not come with replacement clutch discs, only the one installed on assembly, I'm not quite sure about this company's ability to provide good American-standard product support, but that's just my assumption given where it's made and the price. But hey, it works and that's that.
Phil Reynolds Phil Reynolds
Shipped quickly and is working great. Installed on a six foot bush hog. Have run it several hours working around the edges of the woods clearing out a fire lane.
Damp acers Damp acers
Save your tractor
Chris Chris
PTO Clutch
I never received it. Waited over 4 weeks Never showed up. I was told they would give me $20 off for the inconvenience, doesn't work if you never get it. I have bought things from Vevor and been very pleased in the past.
Customer Service Reply: dear customer, we are sorry to bring you such an unpleasant experience this time, please understand that we need time to investigate and confirm if it's a logistics issue, and our team have processed full refund to you for this order finally.
Slip Clutch Slip Clutch
So far clutch is working
After searching I found this slip clutch to be the best price and shipping was free. Clutch was easy to install and it works great on my mower.
Larry Ray Larry Ray
Great purchase ,Vevor dose a good job with their descriptions, pricing and quality of their numerous items they sell. I would definitely make more purchases from them. Thank you Vevor.
Charles Rhea Charles Rhea
It looks very high quality
Jacob Jacob
Great clutch after you back the bolts off enough
G. Mcc G. Mcc
Great deal, works as described.
Ordered this and installed it on my KingKutter brush mower pto shaft. It was a tight fit getting it installed due to the length of the pto shaft, but i was successful without shortening the pto shaft. The diameters of both the shaft and bore were spot on with no issues and no slop when assembled. The factory setting was set for 45 hp according to the photo attached to the ad. The spring compression i measured at 18.5mm. I chose to leave it set for 45hp. The tractor is rated at 35 pto hp. It took about a week to get it from when i ordered it.This has totally resolved the problem i had with breaking shear bolts. Prior to installing this i broke 4 shear bolts in 3 hours of mowing. I love this and wanted to give a good review. I took a chance with a product that had no reviews and was not disappointed.

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