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VEVOR Sewer Camera Pipe Inspection Camera 9-inch 720p Screen Pipe Camera 393 ft

Customer Reviews for VEVOR Sewer Camera Pipe Inspection Camera 9-inch 720p Screen Pipe Camera 393 ft

120 m

Customer Reviews

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Paterno S Neri Paterno S Neri
EXCELLENT product for the price. I'm a Single Father and professional plumber. I was needing a quality product to help me with plumbing jobs. It definitely fit my budget and more than delivers, on the purpose I need it for. I Highly recommend this product
Eugenio Eugenio
Overall great product. The price and quality compared to other cameras in the market you can’t beat. The ability to record or take snapshots for the customers is a big advantage to understanding what issues are hidden down the pipes.
Distribution Operator
This camera is well worth the value. We purchased the Vevor 300' for a water line inspection. The line was 4" PVC material and had clean potable water inside. We had a flow issue and could not locate the block. We had to down pressure our main to inspect it but it was well worth that. With the added roller wheel included with the camera system we were able to push with ease the camera into the pipe until we found our problem. We were also able to locate the line inside the main with our locating equipment and trace out where we needed to dig up the problem. The picture below is a photo taken with a cell phone of the actual screen in the field.
T315 T315
The item look it perfect, the body farm the camera line the monitor everything is very safety. Easy to use the quality of monitor supper clear picture, come up with the price WOW so cool !!!!!!! I love it
A. Czarapata A. Czarapata
This was a great purchase. Was able to take it out of the box and use it right away. It was simple and easy to use gave a great image and was a great help. I have recommended this to my friends and am 100% happy with this purchase!
Steven Steven
Definitely well worth the money! Used it on a 3in line that was going straight thank god and saw the issue that was causing the clog to the toilet which was wipes and the camera was overall amazing! Definitely looking to purchase a main line one from vevor in the next couple of weeks!
Long reel Long reel
Really wanted a transmitter for locating. I like the unit otherwise. It works weel and has the reach I need.
Super Sewer Camera Super Sewer Camera
Super Sewer Camera best deal
This compact sewer camera produces clear recordable videos that can be saved and viewed easily on my computer. The cost of the unit easily paid for itself in just one job. In fact it cost less than the going rate to have a plumber camera a sewer line. Since it is compact it will easily fit inside a 2" drain line. I was able to jet out a line with the camera in the line so I could see the progress of the jetting. That alone was worth the price.
Great camera after one use
Purchased this to help inspect drain pipe for potential and existing customers. Used it extensively once and it worked great. Seems well-built, especially given the price. We plan to use it once or twice a month and if it holds up for another five or so jobs, it'll easily pay for itself.
Overall Not Bad for the price Overall Not Bad for the price
For DIYers and Homeowners
The setup is compact and super lightweight. Can be easily and comfortably carried anywhere around the house, outside, and even onto the roof. The viewing monitor is small, but resolution is good enough to see clearly. I love being able to record footage onto a small microSD card which is included! Gives me the option to review what I saw later and see progress over time. It definitely takes some practice to using this camera. The cable is stiff making is tough to get around corners and obstacles. I had to learn ways around this problem. The monitor doesn't seem to stay in place. Everytime I pull more cable out, the monitor always falls off. This minor problem gets annoying fast. I can find ways to hold it in place though. For the price of this machine compared to pro machines, its a great option for DIY-ers and first time homeowners. It gets the job done.

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